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  • The Scarlet Witch holds a scary magic book in front of her while her arms are held up and spinning magic. Wanda's eyes glow red.

    Two Wandas? About That Last WandaVision Scene

    In the final mid-credits scene of WandaVision, we zoom in on Wanda and a small cottage surrounded by mountains, nature, and a complete lack of drama. It is an isolated location where she can’t mind control anyone. Wanda is sitting on her porch and is mostly still. She goes inside and takes a tea kettle […] More

  • Standing in the middle of a lot for an unbuilt house, sobbing Wanda holds documents close to her chest.

    Is WandaVision the Origin Story of Phase Four’s Biggest Bad?

    I think we’re getting a satisfying conclusion to WandaVision this Friday, but I don’t see us getting too much catharsis. Wanda may even be able to pull her different sitcom era looks together like Monica did and become an ultimate version of herself, but she’s not going to get everything she wants. And she’s not […] More

  • Dale Cooper grins in a booth at the Double R while thinking about Annie.

    Twin Peaks Episode 25: Love Can Put You in a Dream as Easily as Fear Can

    When I think back to Twin Peaks Episode 25, I fondly remember Gordon meeting Shelly for the first time, Dale’s silly penguin joke, and even Ben Horne passing a carrot like a cigar to John Justice Wheeler. It’s a fun, healing kind of episode, but it’s not a fluffy one, not at its foundation. Turns […] More

  • Ben Horne is confident and happy about his civil war figurines battle, and a fireplaces crackles behind him.

    Twin Peaks Episode 21 is Stuck In Dreams and Nightmares

    For varying reasons, Episodes 17 through at least 23 have a reputation so poor that many fans skip them outright when rewatching the series, Twin Peaks Episode 21 is no different. The existential tone of dread seems nearly absent, and Twin Peaks becomes a fun, melodramatic farce as a result. The high melodrama and silliness […] More

  • Robin, Cyborg, Beast Boy, Starfire and Raven cheer in a moovie theater filled with fellow superheroes.

    Voice Actors Who Earned Their Way Into Our Hearts

    Favorites takes a lighter approach to the material we normally cover. Today, John Bernardy presents you with the voice actors that made the biggest impression on him over the years. Take a trip with him from Looney Tunes to Teen Titans. I bet along the way you’ll see some of your own favorites. Mel Blanc […] More

  • Zoey holds her paperwork but raises a fisted arm into the air to feign confidence.

    Why Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist Deserves To Be Renewed

    It sounds like NBC is waiting to see what kind of noise the fandom makes about Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist getting renewed—they say there’ll be a decision by the end of the month—so consider this my part in making some noise. We need more heart songs. We need more Zoey/Max/Simon. And we need more of its […] More

  • Mega Man, using Fire Man's powers, duels against the hooded blue and white Ice Man on an 8-bit sheet of ice.

    Top 10 Favorite 8-Bit Mega Man Boss Robots

    The only thing that makes or breaks a Mega Man game is how cool the boss robots are. The Mega Man series was never about its backstory. That’s why cartoons based on Mega Man always feel so weird. It doesn’t matter if Mega Man is called to a competition that turned into revolt, if the […] More

  • A close up of a sheep’s head from the other side of a fence.
    in ,

    Ranking Pearl Jam’s Albums

    Pearl Jam’s been on quite a ride since they introduced themselves to the world in 1991. They solidified grunge rock, created a number of hits that need no introduction, and perfected the arena rock experience. All the while, they’ve been releasing albums, the 11th of which is Gigaton, which comes out March 27.  To celebrate, […] More

  • Through a glass door, Dr. Green speaks to Sean O'Brien, who is holding his son for the first time.

    Here’s How ER’s “Love’s Labor Lost” Breaks Your Heart

    ER already had leanings into prestige television territory but “Love’s Labor Lost” took it even closer. It forewent the standard ensemble TV episode formula by focusing mostly on Dr. Mark Green (Anthony Edwards) as he lost everything. His no good very bad day is the kind of fare on HBO since 1999, not part of […] More

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