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  • The Fugees against a black background on the cover of The Score
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    Favorite Albums of 1996 — 25 Years Ago Feels Like Yesterday

    The first six months of 1996 was my senior year of high school, the next six months were my freshman year of college. What a year it was, and the memories I made are those forever thoughts that flood your brain constantly saying, “Remember those days?” Music was electric in 1996. So many new artists, […] More

  • Cooper talking to Diane about JFK through his dictaphone.

    Traces to Nowhere, Then to Normal: Twin Peaks Episode 1

    Those of you who have followed 25YL for a while know that my heart and soul sing when it comes to Twin Peaks. It’s a show I constantly go back to for comfort and to get lost in. I theorize, I pick apart, and I attempt to possibly make some sense of what it all […] More

  • The Cast of The Alienist: Angel of Darkness

    The Alienist: Angel of Darkness – Episodes 7 & 8

    The anticipation of these last two episodes of The Alienist: Angel of Darkness came to a frenzy for me because of Tropical Storm Isaias, which knocked out my power and cable. Luckily, both came back, and I was able to fully immerse myself in these episodes. The penultimate was as edge-of-your-seat exciting as I thought […] More

  • Sara and John find Libby's "nursery"

    The Alienist: Angel of Darkness – Episode 6

    I guess the first looming question I have coming into The Alienist: Angel of Darkness Episode 6 (“Memento Mori”) is “Did they or didn’t they?” I think from the looks of it, they did—and I can’t say that I am not just a little disappointed in Sara and John. Yes, I am rooting for them, […] More

  • Sara on the hunt for Libby.

    The Alienist: Angel of Darkness – Episode 5

    We continue being a fly on the wall at the beginning of this The Alienist: Angel of Darkness Episode 5, “Belly of the Beast.” Libby is pouring a proper tea for herself and the now brutally deceased Matron. A knock at the door and we see Libby in full-on psychotic liar mode, telling the landlady that […] More

  • Kreizler hypnotizing Sara

    The Alienist: Angel of Darkness – Episodes 3 and 4

    “Hypnos is the Greek god of sleep…” We open The Alienist: Angel of Darkness Episode 3 (“Labyrinth”) doing just that: opening a labyrinth of the mind of Sara Howard. Kreizler thinks that hypnosis, a relatively new practice in 1897, will help Señora Linares remember the day her baby daughter was taken. Besides a beautiful moment […] More

  • The Cast of The Alienist: Angel of Darkness

    The Alienist: Angel of Darkness Begins

    To say that I was excited when I found out The Alienist was coming back for another limited series would be an understatement. I loved the relationships between Dr. Laszlo Kreizler, Ms. Sara Howard, and Mr. John Moore. Just as we were taken down the dark, deep alleyway of thoughts to discover the killer in […] More

  • Halcyon video from Orbital
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    Anxiety and Electronic Music, a Match Made in Musical Heaven

    “I’ve got what Yeats called… (Irish accent)… ‘A fire in the head.’ I refuse to be intimidated by reality anymore. After all, what is reality anyway: nothing but a collective hunch.”  -Trudy from The Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe A fire in the head that engulfs every even-keeled thought into something […] More

  • The Cure 2016 Tour

    The Cure in Concert Will Definitely Cure What Ails You

    Train rides are very reflective times for me. Looking out the window, places and people flying by your view as quickly as you see them, but always seeing life as it happens. Sort of like etching a photograph in your mind and then vanishing just as quickly. I will always remember the photographs I took […] More

  • Robin Lynne Norris creator of #DateMe An OKCupid Experiment

    Robyn Lynne Norris talks #DateMe An OKCupid Experiment, Twin Peaks, and Kitties!

    J.C. Hotchkiss chats with Robyn Lynne Norris to talk about Norris’ hilarious show #DateMe, its origins, the insanity of online dating, and even talked some Twin Peaks. J.C.Hotchkiss: What can you tell us about #DateMe: An OkCupid Experiment and what made you want to take on this project? Robyn Lynne Norris: #DateMe is now playing […] More

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