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  • Linda slumps against the bar drunk while continuing to drink

    Eastenders Delivers a Powerful New Way of Storytelling for Linda Carter

    Eastenders is pretty well known for the incredible two-hander episodes that often occur during big storylines. The first-ever one was back in 1986 and revolved around the break down of Den and Angie’s marriage. Other notable ones include Pat and Peggy’s showdown over Frank, Kat revealing she was Zoe’s mother, Phil taking baby Louise from […] More

  • The Shipmans and the Wests pose for a family photo in the pub at christmas

    Gavin & Stacey: Oh!! It’s Been Ten Long Years So What’s Occurring?

    This Christmas we received an extra special treat as Gavin & Stacey decided to return to our screens after a ten-year absence. But was it worth the wait or should it have just remained as a fond memory in TV gold history? Once upon a time when a show ended, we thought that it would […] More

  • The Queen wears her regal tiara and smiles

    The Crown Finds its Queen and Princess for Seasons 5 and 6

    The latest season of The Crown has only been on Netflix a few days. People are still adjusting to a new monarch on our screens. But it’s been reported this evening that the show has already cast Olivia Colman’s replacement for Seasons 5 and 6. Fans of the show already know that every two seasons […] More

  • Margaret points a gun while wearing stylish clothes and looking smug

    Where Did It All Go Wrong For American Horror Story: 1984?

    Another year has gone by and yet another season of American Horror Story is over. Or is it? Did we just watch American Horror Story or did we watch something that probably should have been a new show? Yes, the show carried the name, had some pretty weak connections to other seasons, and contained some […] More

  • Elizabeth, Winston, Margaret, and Philip stand in a row in a promo for The Crown

    The Most Powerful Moments Of The Crown’s First Era

    When The Crown was announced I think we all knew that it was going to be something special. With a rich and eventful Royal history to adapt for the screen, it was clear there was going to be a wealth of powerful moments—moments that would be made even more powerful thanks to an incredible cast. […] More

  • Eloise gives Desmond the ring
    in ,

    Lost: The Tragic Tale of Eloise Hawking

    For me, “Flashes Before Your Eyes” was one of the best episodes of Lost. It was the first time we’d seen the flashback formula used in an entirely different way. This wasn’t just a case of us seeing Desmond’s past; he had somehow traveled back to relive it. He was aware that he was in […] More

  • Queen Elizabeth and Princess Margaret both look to the side, wearing crowns, in front of a green backdrop

    The Crown: A Tale of Two Not So Different Sisters

    Princess Margaret spent the majority of her adult life being described as the rebel Royal and a woman who was the complete opposite of her sister, Elizabeth. Margaret liked to smoke, drink, and party. Elizabeth preferred a quieter and more orderly life at home with her family. Obviously this sisterly dynamic was going to be […] More

  • Sir Daniel poses with his sword as the zombie enemies rise from their graves

    Should MediEvil Have Stayed Buried In The Past?

    It’s been two long years since a full-blown remake of MediEvil was announced for the PS4. I had such fond memories of the original so to get to revisit the world of Gallowmere once again had me really excited. The trailers looked gorgeous and it was reasonably priced. But was it worth the wait or […] More

  • Queen Elizabeth arrives at Kensington Palace

    The Crown Is Not A Choice, But A Duty Says The New Trailer

    With less than a month to go before the third season of The Crown drops on Netflix, we’ve all been eagerly awaiting a full-length trailer. Today we were presented with that trailer thanks to Netflix¬†and it doesn’t disappoint. Before today we’ve only been given a teaser as to what Olivia Colman will be like in […] More

  • Locke sees the blast door map of the Dharma stations
    in ,

    Lost: An Exploration of the DHARMA Station Mysteries

    The discovery of the hatch in Lost was one of the biggest mysteries of the show’s early years. I can’t tell you how much time I spent theorizing about what was under that door. How many people were down there? What were they doing? Why did it say “Quarantine” on the hatch? Would opening it […] More

  • The Queen has morning tea

    There’s A New Queen In Town And There’s Nothing One Can Do About It

    The latest teaser trailer for the upcoming Season 3 of The Crown on Netflix has arrived and boy is it glorious. Despite only being 32 seconds long it delivers the answer to one of the most burning questions on fans lips: what will Olivia Colman sound like as The Queen? The answer is that she […] More

  • Mr Jingles arrives

    American Horror Story: 1984 – Camp Redwood

    I can’t believe a whole year has passed by since the last season of American Horror Story was on our screen! After a strong start, Apocalypse quickly descended into a jumbled and rushed story that went nowhere at all much too quickly. I’ve had my fair share of issues with the last few seasons of […] More

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