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  • The Charlatans on the cover of Tellin' Stories

    The Charlatans, Still Tellin’ Stories 25 Years Later

    The Charlatans have always been my band. You know, that one band that resonates with you more than any other. To be honest, I have a few ‘my band ‘ bands, but The Charlatans inspire in me a dedication and love that few others do. It’s with Tellin’ Stories release in 1997 that I learned some early […] More

  • Super Furry Animals Radiator Cover Art

    Super Furry Animals: A Return to Radiator

    On 25 August 1997, Super Furry Animals released their second album, Radiator. I can honestly say, 25 years later, my life has not been the same since. Super Furry Animals had been busy before Radiator. After buying a tank to blast techno at festivals and releasing an expletive riddled ode to forgotten hero football Robin […] More

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    Time to Become a Disciple of Paul Draper’s Cult Leader Tactics

    Where to start?…Neil Young battling Spotify. The #Brokenrecord movement fighting streaming services’ pittance of remuneration. The airwaves filled with more and more identikit music-by-numbers. Into this battlefield strides Paul Draper with the sonic satire bomb that is Cult Leader Tactics. His first since 2017’s Spooky Action and his second full solo record since the acrimonious […] More

  • A man drawn on a yellow background, wearing glasses

    Eels Cast a Spell with Extreme Witchcraft

    A new Eels album is always cause for celebration and this, their 14th, finds Eels leader Mark Oliver Everett aka E, re-teaming with writer/producer John Parish for some rock and roll fun on Extreme Witchcraft. For me, Eels have many faces. Sometimes euphoric, sometimes melancholy, sometimes with strings. But me, I like my Eels best of […] More

  • A door opens onto a view of the sun rising over the Earth on the cover of The Lottery Winners Something to Leave the House For

    The Lottery Winners Give Us Something To Leave The House For

    You might not have heard of The Lottery Winners, and that’s OK. Pretty soon though, if they carry on down their current path, stardom beckons. This, their sophomore effort Something To Leave the House For, brings them closer than ever to that stardom. My path to Something to Leave the House For was quite a […] More

  • A stick figure drawn in black on a yellow background with "The Miillion" scrawled below

    The Miillion’s The Beat Up Grabs You and Won’t Let Go

    A recent release from champions of the cassette tape only format Industrial Coast, The Miillion come on strong with their hard-hitting debut The Beat Up. Fusing big-beat, hip hop, heavy and ambient guitar and well chosen samples, it’s a record (or cassette!) that is more than the sum of its parts. Based in the North […] More

  • John Lennon and Paul McCartney on the cover of Let It Be

    The Beatles Let It Be 5LP Edition: Another Chance to Get Back?

    With the imminent release of The Beatles Thanksgiving feast that Peter Jackson’s Get Back will (hopefully) be, now seems like just the right to time to delve into what often seems like one of the most divisive Beatles albums in their catalogue: Let It Be. And not just any version of the album either, the […] More