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  • BoJack's head in silhouette, wearing sunglasses and sitting on a beach chair, backlit by the sunset.

    BoJack Horseman’s Top 10 Worst Moments!

    Content Warning: “BoJack Horseman’s Top 10 Worst Moments!” references addiction, sexual assault, and violence against women. BoJack Horseman is my favorite TV show. The six-season absurdist animated dark comedy has some of the most nuanced portrayals of mental illness, feminism, fame, and generational trauma on television…and also stars a talking alcoholic horse. BoJack Horseman (Will […] More

  • Taylor Swift plays the guitar on stage at SNL in front of her music video.
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    Top 13 Taylor Swift Songs

    We’re all too ready to have the discussion of a lifetime: what are Taylor Swift’s best songs? With the release of Red (Taylor’s Version), we are once again reminded of the timeless genius of Taylor Swift. As a hit singer/songwriter from the age of 15, Swift has released hit after hit with nine studio albums, […] More

  • Loki (right) extends his hand to Sylvie (left) as they stand in front of a fireplace, about to fight.

    The Loki Season Finale Brings the Madness

    Poor Loki. After six episodes of fan theories and anticipation, the Loki season finale (“For All Time. Always.”) shifted viewers from fantasy character study into full-blown Marvel madness.  As always, the performances were stellar. While there’s been some debate as to whether or not Loki’s character was diluted for this show (we’ll talk more on […] More

  • Loki looks at his first successful enchantment, bathed in green light.

    Loki S1E5 “Journey into Mystery” and the Marvel Multiverse

    The fifth episode of Marvel’s third Disney+ series wraps up many of Loki’s character arcs and prepares us for the crazy new MCU content we’re going to get in the finale. To start: it appears that Loki and Sylvie’s titular Nexus Event from S1E4 was not just a potential romantic connection, but their choice to […] More

  • Loki stands in an ornate hall

    Someone Good: Loki S1E4 “The Nexus Event”

    Loki S1E4 “The Nexus Event” hit us with a million different whacks to the head from every direction. (There’s a reason this article is coming out two days post-airing.) The completion of Loki’s first character arc, Marvel’s meta-examination of villainy, commentary on religious extremism or bureaucracy, Sylvie’s backstory, how the Timekeepers connect to the greater […] More

  • Loki (left) and Sylvie (right) and framed from behind, walking towards a purple skyline.

    Loki Is Bi! (and Other Things) in Loki S1E3 (“Lamentis”)

    We have come to a glorious, glorious point where Loki consists solely of brilliant character work set against a backdrop of comic book easter eggs, goofy sci-fi junk, and underhanded social commentary. I love it dearly. Loki S1E3 (“Lamentis”) has dropped us at the end of the world—or, rather, someone else’s. At the end of […] More

  • Loki decides to run away with his fellow variant, bathed in red light.

    Loki S1E2: Joyful Destruction in “The Variant”

    Loki S1E2, bluntly titled “The Variant,” rolls with the new show’s Loki-esque brand of misdirection and easter eggs. Mostly. Jumping right in: the biggest twist came (massive spoiler) in the form of Lady Loki, played by British actress Sophia Di Martino. While many fans knew this was coming—if for nothing but the egregious and obvious […] More

  • Loki laughs during his trial wearing a prison jumpsuit and a shock collar.

    Loki S1E1: Loki Fans Get a Win in “Glorious Purpose”

    “You weren’t born to be king, Loki. You were born to cause pain and suffering and death.” Us Loki fans really knew what we were doing in 2012. Loki is Marvel’s third TV series on Disney+, following the surprise hit WandaVision and major MCU tie-in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. This next show follows […] More

  • Spike looks downwards as Drusilla stands in the background and sun filters through a warehouse window
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    “Can’t Be a Human, Can’t Be a Vampire:” Spike and Gender Identity

    There’s something so bizarrely… trans, dare I say, about Spike the first moment he appears on screen.  (Stay with me here.)  Spike, recurring vampire antihero and villain on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, drives into frame and knocks down a “Welcome to Sunnydale” sign with his vintage car as his very first entrance in Buffy Season […] More

  • Dodie Clark in the lyric video for "Special Girl"

    Dodie’s Build a Problem Makes Me Feel Alright

    Dreamy, harsh, mystical, and deeply personal; Build a Problem is the debut album of indie singer/songwriter and YouTuber Dodie Clark (stylized “dodie”). This is her first studio album, having released four EPs since 2016 and many singles/unreleased original songs since she created her YouTube channel (“doddleoddle”) in 2011. As a fan of hers for almost […] More

  • Lyric video for "Fearless" (Taylor's Version)

    Taylor’s Version: The Fearless She Deserved

    Review: gonna venmo Miss Swift for these therapy payments. Thank you and goodnight. Okay, okay, fine. I can give details.  There are a lot of things at play in the release of Fearless (Taylor’s Version). These re-recordings only exist because Taylor Swift, as of her 7th studio album Lover, is a newly independent producer. Having […] More

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