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  • A poster with a flying saucer on it and the words "I Want to Believe"
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    The X-Files 30th Anniversary: S1E1 ‘Pilot’ Recap

    Aliens. Crime scenes. Government conspiracies. Dramatic finales and goofy parodies. Across all 11 seasons of The X-Files, we’ve seen it all. But where did it all begin? For the 30th anniversary of one of the most popular cult TV shows ever, it’s time to revisit the inception: the Pilot episode. As Perfect Pilots go, The […] More

  • Donna Noble and the Doctor looking out of the TARDIS
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    More Than A Sci-Fi Show: The Heartfelt Season 4 of Doctor Who

    It’s no secret that most Doctor Who fans praise David Tennant as their favourite Doctor. Despite the success of Billie Piper and Freema Agyeman as his first two companions, Rose Tyler and Martha Jones respectively, Catherine Tate’s Donna Noble is another firm fan-favourite. So the success of Season 4 was inevitable, really. Doctor Who never […] More

  • Dream and Death looking upwards

    Death and Humanity: The Sandman S1E6 ‘The Sound of Her Wings’

    Both The Sandman comics and the Netflix adaptation are focused on a group of god-like beings called the Endless. They each control a different aspect of human existence and emotion. For example, the Sandman himself, Dream (Tom Sturridge) has power over humans’ sleep, dreams, and nightmares. His sister, Death (Kirby Howell-Baptiste) is responsible for—you guessed […] More

  • 'Welcome to Sunnydale' sign lit up by headlamps at night
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    “Home, Sweet, Home”: Best Buffy Character Entrances

    There is an abundance of compelling characters in Buffy the Vampire Slayer; that’s simply common knowledge. From sarcastic librarians to punk vampires (who are equally loveable), Buffy’s got it all. Naturally, the coolest characters must have the coolest introductions, and there are a good number of those across the show as well. So here are […] More

  • Giles dressed as a wizard in his magic shop, looking very pleased with himself
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    Everyone Loves A Librarian: Favourite Giles Moments in Buffy the Vampire Slayer

    Much-adored by fans of the show, Rupert Giles is one of the most influential characters in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Uptight Watcher, father figure, socially-awkward librarian, ex-rebel with a dark past—the man contains many facets. Anthony Head’s endearing yet varied portrayal of the character completes him. It’s easy to go on about what makes Giles […] More

  • The Tenth Doctor, Rose Tyler, and Jackie Tyler having Christmas dinner in 'The Christmas Invasion'
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    Time for the WHOlidays: RTD-Era Doctor Who Christmas Specials

    It’s Christmas Day, 2005. Seven-year-old Robin would have been in their childhood home, post-Christmas dinner, all cosy on the sofa. I have no memory of that Christmas; I know which family members would have been there that year, where we would have sat to open presents and share terrible cracker jokes, how the general day […] More

  • Werewolf hands creeping across the screen in black and white

    Spoofy Goings-On in Supernatural S4E5 ‘Monster Movie’

    Parodies seem to be a staple of mainstream media these days. Characters will frequently reference popular culture, and more overt spoofs will have scenes or entire episodes stylistically and narratively rip off well-known works, usually for comedic effect. The Simpsons is the first TV show that comes to mind, including countless parody episodes throughout its […] More

  • The Scooby Gang yelling in fright at the Magic Box in 'Tabula Rasa': from left to right, Tara, Dawn, Spike, Buffy, Xander, Anya, Giles, and Willow
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    Favourite Buffy Monsters of the Week (Little Bads) Part 2

    Recently, Part 1 of this article addressed a range of Little Bads—Monsters of the Week across all seven seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. From malicious witches to ancient demons, many one-hit wonders terrorised our screens throughout the show. Why should the Big Bads get all the glory (‘Glory’, get it? Anyone? Nevermind…)? Let’s get […] More

  • The B99 squad in Halloween costumes: from left to right, Rosa, Holt, Hitchcock, Gina, Amy, Scully, Terry, and Jake

    Ranking All 8 Brooklyn Nine-Nine Halloween Heist Episodes

    It’s that time of year again when all the ghosts and ghouls come out to play, and spooky events are taking place left, right, and centre. Pumpkin picking, apple bobbing, and trick or treating, to name a few. But one Halloween-themed television event that was highly anticipated up until this year was Brooklyn Nine Nine’s […] More

  • Gachnar the fear demon looking up at the screen from the floorboards in 'Fear Itself'
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    Little Bads: Favourite Buffy Monsters of the Week Part 1

    Trigger Warning: ‘Little Bads: Favourite Buffy Monsters of the Week Part 1’ makes reference to domestic abuse, drug addiction, and gore. Something that comes to mind for myself and, I’m sure, many other fans when thinking about Buffy the Vampire Slayer is the range of iconic Big Bads the show has to offer. Now, those […] More

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