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  • American Gods title screen

    War is Coming: Neil Gaiman’s American Gods

    On April 30th 2017, the world was graced by the premiere of Bryan Fuller and Michael Green’s TV adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s acclaimed novel, American Gods. Originally written between 1999 and 2001, Neil set out to write a novel that “was big and odd and meandering,” he says in his introduction to the uncut edition. […] More

  • Haven title screen shows the 3 main characters with the town as a backdrop

    Haven: SYFY’s Hidden Gem

    When I realised I wanted to write an article about Haven, I didn’t know what angle to take. I started by asking several people if they had, a) heard of the show, or b) watched the show. Most people said they had heard of the show but never watched it. An alarming number said that […] More