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  • A three-year-old Japanese girl on the street, doing errands by herself on Old Enough!
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    For US Millennials, Netflix’s Old Enough! Is a Utopian Vision

    You’ve probably encountered it in your Netflix recommendations—images for some strange show that seems to be (and is) exclusively about very small Japanese children—and when you did, you surely responded in one of the only two possible ways: either you immediately binged all of it in one sitting and experienced hours of the purest joy, […] More

  • A still from Arrested Development season 5: Lucille (Jessica Walter), George Sr. (Jeffrey Tambor), and GOB (Will Arnett) standing with Tobias (David Cross), who is wearing a banana suit.
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    Arrested Development Season 5 Made the Other Four Worse

    When it was first announced that the famously twice-canceled cult comedy Arrested Development was coming back with a fourth season produced and distributed by Netflix—way back in 2013, when streaming originals as a whole were still a new, unproven concept—reactions from fans were mixed. While there was a sizable contingent that was naturally excited for […] More

  • The final shot of Ellie (Bella Ramsey) from The Last of Us season one finale, gazing intensely at an offscreen Joel (Pedro Pascal).
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    The Last of Us Effect Is Coming—and That’s Bad

    Everyone knows about The Last of Us, and everyone knows it’s great. What not everyone knows about just yet—though they will—is the complicated range of effects its source text has had over the last ten years on the “AAA” video game industry and, in particular, games criticism. The HBO series has widely been hailed as […] More