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  • Maddy and Donna hold Sarah as Leland rides on Lauras coffin

    Twin Peaks Episode 3 Can’t Bury Laura Palmer Deep Enough

    Tina Rathborne had never directed an episode of television. Harley Peyton had yet to tag his name on a produced TV script. What they both had in common was a degree from Harvard, along with a sense of trust and goodwill with David Lynch and Mark Frost. Rathborne had previously directed (a shirtless!) Lynch in […] More

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    Ray Donovan S6E12: “The Dead”

    The sixth season finale of Ray Donovan, S6E12 “The Dead,” doesn’t start off like every other episode. Instead of a cast member uttering “Previously on Ray Donovan” before a weekly recap of last week’s events, a familiar piano line hits. Back in 2007, LCD Soundsystem re-wrote Frank Sinatra’s “New York, New York” for a new […] More

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    Ray Donovan S6E11: “Never Gonna Give You Up”

    Let the bodies hit the floor. In the penultimate episode of Ray Donovan’s sixth season, S6E11 “Never Gonna Give You Up,” a bloody path continues winding to an end. It’s the Donovans vs. the NYPD, and on the line is the life of Ray’s daughter, Bridget.  The last couple of episodes have been fun romps, […] More

  • Ray Donovan lies on a bed

    Ray Donovan S6E10 Recap: “Baby”

    We last saw Ray Donovan laying on the floor of Sean “Mac” McGrath’s foyer, getting beat with a billy baton by some of New York’s finest. We pick up this week in “Baby,” with Ray getting thrown through a second-story window, onto the unforgiving asphalt below. Mac and the cops now know that Ray was […] More

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    Ray Donovan S6E9 Recap: Dream On

    Ray Donovan fans got a little more under the Christmas tree than a new episode this week — they got the announcement that the series would definitely be returning for a seventh season on Showtime in 2019. Eddie Marsan, who plays Terry Donovan on the show, then announced on Twitter that filming would resume in […] More

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    Ray Donovan S6E8 Recap: Who Once Was Dead

    At the end of last week’s episode, “The 1-3-2,” Ray Donovan was laying in the middle of his living room, hungover and beaten to a pulp. Ray is loyal to those who deserve it, and yet he had sold out his boss, Sam Winslow, as well as Anita Novak, the woman running for mayor of […] More

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    Ray Donovan S6E7 Recap: The 1-3-2

    This was one of those weeks of Ray Donovan where I continually said to myself, “What? What?? WHAAAT?!” Not everything made perfect sense, but I have faith it will in the coming weeks.  The beginning of “The 1-3-2” picks up where we left off last week, with Ray getting thrown into the back of a cop […] More

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    Ray Donovan S6E6 Recap: A Girl Named Maria

    When we left Ray Donovan last week, he had Anita Novak bent over his kitchen counter. Business not so much mixing with pleasure, rather slamming into it. Ray’s efforts to improve a fetching client’s poll numbers in the New York mayoral race had all culminated here — and as this week’s episode “A Girl Named […] More

  • Ray and Smitty, Ray Donovan, Ellis Island

    Ray Donovan S6E5 Recap: Ellis Island

    After two weeks of non-stop action, Ray Donovan settles down (sort of) in this week’s episode, “Ellis Island.” Instead of blowing up the Brooklyn Bridge, Ray and company wire the entire structure with dynamite for eventual detonation.  Ray and Smitty are driving home after stomping a mud hole in the Albanians and walking it dry. […] More

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    Ray Donovan S6E4 Recap: “Pudge”

    I didn’t want last week’s episode of Ray Donovan to end, and I didn’t want this week’s installment, “Pudge,” to end either. Both episodes were white knuckle rides, making one question which nail-biting scene was actually going to be the last. As it goes with almost every episode of this series, things are going to […] More

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    Ray Donovan, S6E3 Recap: He Be Tight. He Be Mean.

    Ray Donovan — the show and its titular character — have been in disarray so far this sixth season. Ray is half the man he used to be. His father and primary antagonist, Mickey, has been on lockdown or in a hospital bed. The two driving forces of the series have been aimless, and all […] More

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    Ray Donovan, S6E2 Recap: Staten Island, Part 2

    The sixth season premiere of Ray Donovan felt like sitting in the middle of a thick fog. In the snap of a finger, Ray was a bearded everyman in a fleece jacket, crashing on the couch of a virtual stranger — separated from his occupation, family and home turf of Los Angeles. Ray has never […] More

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