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    A Deep Dive Into “The 1975” *

    A few months back, I wrote a piece about My Chemical Romance, a band I was fanatically into at various points in my adolescence. I’m fairly sure I did call them the band of my teenage years when I look back. Well, I lied. I wish MCR were the band of my teenage years, because […] More

  • Two pirates share a cup of tea in Our Flag Means Death

    The Violent Delights of Our Flag Means Death

    We’re living in a time of oversaturation for the historical drama genre. I’m a known period drama enjoyer, and even I’ll admit that the sheer volume getting pretty overwhelming. Granted, this isn’t anything new. Here in the UK, costume dramas full of landed gentry melodrama and dramatic orchestral scores are a staple of Sunday night […] More

  • Still from My Chemical Romance's "welcome to the black parade" music video featuring the band members in black and white military jackets performing on a float
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    Three Cheers For A Perfect Ten — My Chemical Romance

    Comparing other bands in the 2000s emo scene to My Chemical Romance felt like a cheap shot at times. Often, the theatricality of other bands in their camp felt like posturing, their overly verbose lyrics hiding nothing but teen angst and fragile masculinity. With MCR, though, there was something different. The quintet possessed a sense […] More

  • an image of a Beat Saber player wearing a virtual reality headset playing Schemata Theory's 'New Vision'

    Interview: Schemata Theory Fuse Music, VR, and Gaming

    This week, I had a chat with metalcore band Schemata Theory about their recently released album and their unique promotion strategy through the virtual reality (VR) world of Beat Saber. Teddy: Is this album the biggest release you at Schemata Theory have had so far? Myles: We’ve only done one album before, which was almost […] More

  • Screenshot from Blur's '"Song 2" music video

    In Defence of Blur’s Self-titled Album

    Blur aren’t best remembered for their self-titled album.The Britpop pioneers that dominated UK tabloids in the 1990s are better remembered today for their jaunty, spirited, and heavily London-accented songs like “Parklife” and “Girls And Boys”, as well as for their feud with fellow indie-rock juggernauts, Oasis. Despite acquiring critical acclaim at the time and breaking […] More

  • Clare Devlin is standing with her friends, having a conversation

    Meet Clare Devlin, Derry Girl and Unlikely Heroine

    Derry Girls is A Big Damn Deal. Channel 4’s teen comedy series set during the Troubles in Northern Ireland is not only funnier than its premise would suggest, but has become the most successful comedy on the channel this millennium. The show avoids accusations of insensitively mocking a period of political turmoil that’s a little […] More

  • Elton John plays piano while Ed Sheeran sits by a mantleplace decorated with stockings

    The Most Hated Christmas Songs in the World

    Film analysts sometimes say that comedy is the quickest to age and the most likely to age poorly of all genres. The formula for getting a laugh is swiftly imitated until it’s painfully unfunny to sit through, and when coupled with our changing perceptions of what’s an acceptable joke topic, it’s easy for jokes to […] More

  • An X above a horizon, with planets to each side of the frame

    Rage Against the Talent Machine: A Festive Tale of X Factor Fatigue

    December 2009 was a truly bleak midwinter. In a year of deep recession following the prior year’s financial crash, the sub-zero UK temperatures were the least of many people’s sources of misery—and to top it all off, the ghosts of Christmas past still haunted the charts. The position of Christmas number one, you see, is […] More

  • The cover of An Evening with Silk Sonic features the group

    An Evening With Silk Sonic: A Sublime Debut from Two Artists Fascinated by Nostalgia

    Bruno Mars has a strange relationship with time and music. His early imprint on the charts in 2010, with singles like “Grenade” and “Just The Way You Are”, was a commercial success, but received mixed critical reviews. Subdued, saccharine vocals and generic lyrics were perceived as an inauthentic effort to please too many audiences at […] More

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    Any Deviation: Joan Jett Through the Eyes of a Weird Grrrl

    Like any edgy young person who grew up in the mid-to-late 2000s, I was obsessed with Guitar Hero. I’d kill hours in our playroom, sacrificing valuable Disney Channel sitcom time to pretend I was some leather-jacket-toting rockstar. My tiny hands could barely reach all the wee buttons but it didn’t stop me. My song choice […] More