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  • Dr. Marcus Norris conducting
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    Composer Dr. Marcus Norris Talks Epic Score of Lady in the Lake

    It’s nearly impossible to contain Dr. Marcus Norris’ music into a single genre. His work has spanned from rap beats to opera to Beyoncé’s 2023 surprise live performance in Dubai to themed anime concerts to film scores. Now, Norris is teaming up with visionary director Alma Har’el for her upcoming Apple TV+ series, Lady in […] More

  • Warren and Suman sit at a table in jail

    Under the Bridge S1E8 Recap: “Mercy Alone”

    The following recap contains spoilers for Under the Bridge S1E8, “Mercy Alone” (written by Samir Mehta and directed by Kevin Phillips) The final episode of Under the Bridge, “Mercy Alone,” is a reckoning. It’s an ending, but it’s also a beginning. The trials for those responsible for the death of Reena Virk (Vritika Gupta) continue […] More

  • Suman sits in her living room

    Under the Bridge S1E7 Recap: “Three and Seven”

    The following recap contains spoilers for Under the Bridge S1E7, “Three and Seven” (written by Todd Crittenden and directed by Dinh Thai) “Three and Seven” is the penultimate episode of Under the Bridge, and it picks up four months after the events of “In Water, They Sink As the Same.” Much of this episode takes […] More

  • Warren walks in front of Cam, arrested

    Under the Bridge S1E6 Recap: “In Water, They Sink As the Same”

    The following recap contains spoilers for Under the Bridge S1E6, “In Water, They Sink As the Same” (written by Quinn Shephard & Samir Mehta and directed by Quinn Shephard) Episode 6 of Under the Bridge, “In Water, They Sink As the Same,” takes us back in time once again. We are introduced to Cam (Isabel […] More

  • Rebecca leans against the trunk of a car

    Under the Bridge S1E5 Recap: “When the Heat Comes Down”

    The following recap contains spoilers for Under the Bridge S1E5, “When the Heat Comes Down” (written by Tom Hanada and directed by Quinn Shephard) Episode 5 of Under the Bridge, “When the Heat Comes Down,” brings the audience back to the present-day timeline, in the days after the murder of Reena Virk (Vritika Gupta). No […] More

  • Kelly sits at a table at a party

    Under the Bridge S1E4 Recap: “Beautiful British Columbia” — A Blast to the Past

    The following recap contains spoilers for Under the Bridge S1E4, “Beautiful British Columbia” (written by Stuti Malhotra and directed by Nimisha Mukerji) “Beautiful British Columbia” is a departure from the rest of Under the Bridge. We’ve already grown used to the show jumping between timelines of before and after Reena’s (Vritika Gupta) murder, but the […] More

  • Jo at the police station

    Under the Bridge S1E3 Recap: “Blood Oath” — Digging Deeper

    The following recap contains spoilers for Under the Bridge S1E3, “Blood Oath” (written by Jihan Crowther and directed by Catherine Hardwicke) Now that the first three episodes of Under the Bridge are out, it’s time to really dig deep into Hulu’s newest series. The show is set in the small town of Saanich in British […] More

  • Reena at school is looking off to the side of the camera

    Under the Bridge Premieres as a New Kind of True Crime

    The following review is based on the first two episodes of Under the Bridge, releasing on Hulu on April 17 Society’s obsession with true crime and the fictionalized versions of these stories is a thorny subject. On the one hand, humans will always have a penchant for tales of tragedy and loss, simply because they’re […] More

  • Policeman holds up missing poster

    Black Mirror: “Loch Henry” Recap and Review

    The following recap and review contains spoilers for Black Mirror, “Loch Henry” (written by Charlie Brooker and directed by Sam Miller) “Loch Henry” is the second episode of the sixth season of Black Mirror. Davis (Samuel Blenkin), a filmmaker, and his girlfriend, Pia (Myha’la Herrold), also a filmmaker, have come to his childhood home on […] More

  • GALECA Logo

    Nominees for the 2023 Dorian TV Awards

    GALECA: The Society of LGBTQ Entertainment Critics announced their nominations for their annual Dorian TV Awards! We are quickly approaching the award season for television. Are these nominees a harbinger of what’s to come? If that’s the case, The Last of Us is leading the charge with 8 nominations. Following close behind are Somebody Somewhere […] More

  • Sterling and April at the local arcade

    Teenage Dream: Teenage Bounty Hunters’ Sterling + April

    Teenage Bounty Hunters is an endearingly oddball show that manages to balance the utmost sincerity with pure chaos. It pulls off that highwire act so deftly that the amount of skill required is probably lost on most people. Perhaps the most obvious example of this balance is the character of Sterling Wesley (Maddie Phillips). She’s […] More

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