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  • Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes exchanged glances

    MCU Primer: The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

    Originally intended for release back in August of 2020 (shortly after what would have been Black Widow’s big-screen premiere in May of 2020), The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is finally entering the fold this Friday, March 19th on Disney+ as the second entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s much-anticipated Phase 4, which began with […] More

  • Wanda and Vision stare at their kids from a doorway

    WandaVision and the Future of the MCU: The Craziness Has Just Begun

    **This article features spoilers to many MCU films and WandaVision** Despite an ongoing discourse to the contrary, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is an ever-evolving art project with twists, turns, switcheroos, what-have-yous, and WTFs. I’m not here to argue the merits of the cinematic value of the MCU (or, at least, not in this article. Anyone […] More

  • Wanda stands next to Vision in front of a window, in black and white

    WandaVision: Kevin Feige’s MCU Dreams and the Subversion of Fan Culture

    *There will be an open discussion of all that has happened from Episodes 1–8 of WandaVision. Spoiler Warning* There are three types of people in this world: those that despise Marvel and all it represents (booo!), those that simply watch it and easily dispose of it if necessary (fine!), and then the addicts who wish […] More

  • A football rests on a field

    A Bucs Eye View on Super Bowl LV and the Future

    It has been my distinct pleasure to give everyone a Bucs Eye View of things in the 2020/2021 NFL season. Being a Buccaneers fan was, for a time, a lonely experience, especially since I lived outside of Tampa proper for so long. I’ve lived in Arizona for the last twenty-plus years and, for most of […] More

  • A football rests on a field

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers: A Year of Hope Amongst a Life of Misery

    Hello. My name is Will and I’m a Buccaholic. I’m seeking treatment because I recently came across something that I only recall having experienced in my life once or twice before: hope. I know, I know. I’m a Tampa Bay fan. Is there such a thing? Not really. Which is why this year is so […] More

  • Tentacles hang down in a tank, while the crew looks on

    The Twilight Zone: “8”

    I’ll have to admit to you, kind reader, that I didn’t get this one. I was pretty confused and I like to think I’m a fairly intelligent guy. But this week’s episode of The Twilight Zone went to goofy town and I don’t think I came back unscathed. If there is one thing that this […] More

  • Kirk and Spock look at Scotty holding an alien creature

    Star Trek: The Original Series — “The Enemy Within”

    The best part about watching Star Trek, in most of its iterations, is that you get multi-dimensional storytelling: you get the moments that appeal to your inner nerd, sure, but you also get heady discussions on the purpose of being. Most times, Trek will act as a metaphor for the human condition, showing avatars of […] More

  • Ensigns Tendi and Rutherford look at a PADD while Ensign Mariner puts her arm around Ensign Boimler

    Star Trek: Lower Decks Defies Current Trek with Laughs and Fun

    For many fans, there are two types of Star Trek: Trek Prime, which consists of everything from The Original Series to Enterprise, and Nu-Trek, which consists of the Kelvin timeline (or the J.J. Abrams “JJ-verse” movies) and any new series that’s come out since Trek Prime’s demise (mainly Star Trek Discovery and Star Trek: Picard). […] More

  • Madison sits in the cafeteria at school

    The Twilight Zone: “Among the Untrodden”

    The Twilight Zone’s second season gets back on track with its fifth episode “Among the Untrodden”. After a couple of episodes of near misses and/or simply ‘meh’ storytelling, “Among the Untrodden” brings back the traditional Twilight Zone milieu, delivering a can’t-miss premise and issuing plot surprise after plot surprise, including the patented TZ twist ending. […] More

  • JJ Malloy introduces Jasmine to the Ovation audience

    The Twilight Zone: “Ovation”

    “Infamy All for publicity Destruction going viral –Metallica, “Moth into Flame” The Twilight Zone is, shall we say, a bit cynical about fame, especially in its newest incarnation. In season 1’s “The Comedian”, Samir Wassan (Kumail Nanjiani) was a comedian who was granted his wish of popular success but the price was the disappearance of […] More

  • Harry Pine walks down a city street

    The Twilight Zone: “The Who of You”

    After an impressive opening salvo of “Meet in the Middle” and “Downtime”, The Twilight Zone hits the first snag of its second season with the action-packed, but intellectually light, “The Who of You”. Written by Win Rosenfeld (writer of the upcoming Candyman reboot and executive producer for BlacKkKlansman), “The Who of You” borrows heavily from […] More

  • Michelle Weaver looks on as the Downtime App Icon looks downward

    The Twilight Zone: “Downtime”

    Michelle Weaver is a woman who’s worked her entire life to get where she is in the world. Now, as this new chapter begins, it’s the world itself that’s about to change. She’s about to take a break from life as she knows it and book an extended stay here… in the Twilight Zone. Though […] More

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