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  • POV shot of a starship flying into a colorful pentagon

    A Perfect Ten for Carpenter Brut

    The popularity of synthwave has skyrocketed in the last decade, with films like Drive and games like Hotline Miami bringing a genre once thought lost to the ’80s back into the zeitgeist. It’s only gotten more popular since those formative pieces of media, and these days there’s an almost endless number of bands, groups, DJs, […] More

  • The Killers stand on and around a black pickup truck against a blue sky

    Land of the Free — The Killers and American Politics in Music

    America, a deeply divided and politically polarised country, has always had its politics portrayed in art culture. In music, there are increasingly prominent political statements and award shows have become a platform for artists to express their political displeasure or their support for ideologies and causes. Popular artists have always taken the burden of playing […] More

  • Still from My Chemical Romance's "welcome to the black parade" music video featuring the band members in black and white military jackets performing on a float

    Three Cheers For A Perfect Ten — My Chemical Romance

    Comparing other bands in the 2000s emo scene to My Chemical Romance felt like a cheap shot at times. Often, the theatricality of other bands in their camp felt like posturing, their overly verbose lyrics hiding nothing but teen angst and fragile masculinity. With MCR, though, there was something different. The quintet possessed a sense […] More

  • Super Furry Animals Radiator Cover Art

    Super Furry Animals: A Return to Radiator

    On 25 August 1997, Super Furry Animals released their second album, Radiator. I can honestly say, 25 years later, my life has not been the same since. Super Furry Animals had been busy before Radiator. After buying a tank to blast techno at festivals and releasing an expletive riddled ode to forgotten hero football Robin […] More

  • A figure in a black robe sits in the corner, wearing white gloves, on the cover of Bakar's Nobody's Home

    Bakar’s “Free” Is the Uptempo Track We All Need Right Now

    The greatest songs trick us into believing we have caught the singer off-guard; that they have revealed more about themselves then they intended. The bracing candidness of the opening 20 seconds of “Free” show that Bakar clearly knows how to cast this spell. Taken from Camden-born Bakar’s first studio album Nobody’s Home, the sound of […] More

  • A white pill tab sits on a blue backdrop (Ladies and Gentlemen we are floating in space album cover)

    Ladies and Gentlemen, This is Spiritualized

    Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space was an important first for me. It was the first album I bought solely on recommendation from reviews, specifically the “4 out of 5” from Select Magazine and the “9 out of 10” from NME. I had slavishly been buying music journalism for over 12 months, but […] More

  • The Velvet Rope Album Cover: Janet, her head tilted forward morosely

    The Velvet Rope: The Queen of R&B’s Magnum Opus

    The arc of history has done unfortunate things to Janet Jackson and her legacy. For one of the most relevant artists of the ‘80s and ‘90s, her career suffered a nearly fatal blow when the CBS corporation blacklisted her and her relevance precipitously waned. But at her height, Jackson was a megastar, setting records and […] More

  • Screenshot from Blur's '"Song 2" music video

    In Defence of Blur’s Self-titled Album

    Blur aren’t best remembered for their self-titled album.The Britpop pioneers that dominated UK tabloids in the 1990s are better remembered today for their jaunty, spirited, and heavily London-accented songs like “Parklife” and “Girls And Boys”, as well as for their feud with fellow indie-rock juggernauts, Oasis. Despite acquiring critical acclaim at the time and breaking […] More

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