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  • Barry prepares to turn himself in

    The Barry Series Finale Sticks the Landing

    The Barry series finale has aired and will inevitably draw some mixed reviews. Bill Hader, Alec Berg and company went out their way, with their vision, and stayed true to the kind of show they wanted to make from Day 1. It was violent, awkward, hilarious and full of lots of commentary. But that’s always […] More

  • Sally makes a call from the airport

    Barry S4E7 Breakdown: Endgame

    Barry’s penultimate episode was one of the series finest. Hysterical yet full of drama, action and twists and turns, all of which have become hallmarks of the show. It’s astonishing how much Bill Hader and team packs into 30 minutes. A tightly compacted story that is still funny in ways unlike any other show on […] More

  • Barry kneels before his son with Sally watching

    Barry S4E6 Breakdown: Bingo!

    Can every day be like Dave & Buster’s? Cristobal thought so, may he rest in peace. The third to last episode of Bill Hader and Alec Berg’s ground breaking series, Barry, was perhaps the most tense episode in series history, all while managing to work in some genuine laughs, David Lynch-like surrealism and yes, you […] More

  • Barry as Clark, wearing glasses and looking up from a chair

    Barry S4E5 Breakdown: Who’s Barry?

    Last week’s episode of Barry was a tipping point for the season and series. I wrote of the darkness that surrounded all of our characters and questioned if there could be better times ahead. We saw what appeared to be a flash forward and questioned if it was real or not, and exactly how far […] More

  • Hank and Cristobal throw their men a party

    Barry S4E4 Breakdown: Darkness, But Is There a Dawn?

    Sometimes television can rip your heart out. Final seasons of shows like Six Feet Under, LOST, Breaking Bad and The Sopranos all had pivotal episodes in their final seasons that made us wonder if there was any hope to come. There’s darkness, but will there be a dawn? History has shown us that sometimes in television, […] More

  • Hank sits on a desk next to Cristobal

    Barry S4E3 Breakdown: Monsters All Around Us

    The final season of Barry is still a phrase I’m not fond of saying but damn, this show is going out with a bang. Not a bang from a failed gadget either. A big bang. A real one. One that hurts. One that has us questioning where things are going. One that still makes us laugh […] More

  • Barry stares ahead in a jail cell

    Barry Season 4 Premiere: A Breakdown of S4E1 & S4E2

    Like many people, the news that Barry would be ending after it’s fourth season didn’t sit well with me. Bill Hader and Alex Berg have created a world in which I could live for a long, long time but I also get it. This is a story that can’t overstay its welcome and needs conclusion. […] More

  • Barry stands in front of a tree

    Barry S3E8: “starting now” (Season 3 Finale)

    The following contains spoilers for the Season 3 finale of Barry, S3E8, “starting now” (written by Alec Berg & Bill Hader and directed by Bill Hader) The Season 3 finale of Barry opens with ominous noises, before we return to a shot of Barry on the beach. One of those noises sounds like a growling […] More

  • Barry looks off into the distance with an open sky behind him

    Barry S3E7: “candy asses” — Is That a Food Reference?

    The following contains spoilers for Barry S3E7, “candy asses” (written by Liz Sarnoff and directed by Bill Hader) Barry S3E7 effectively shows that the series could function without its title character, which is exciting. Barry didn’t die from Sharon’s poisoning attempt, but he isn’t out of the woods either, and as “candy asses” focuses on […] More

  • Barry sits at a table, looking at his phone and eating a beignet

    Barry S3E6: “710N” — Beignets by Mitch, Sauce by Sharon

    The following contains spoilers for Barry S3E6, “710N” (written by Duffy Boudreau and directed by Bill Hader) I have never much liked to base predictions or theories about a show upon things external to its narrative, but given that Barry was recently officially renewed for a fourth season, I think it’s pretty safe to say […] More

  • Natalie looks stunned, sitting in front of a laptop. Sally, across the table at a cafe, looks concerned

    Barry S3E5: “crazytimesh*tshow” and Sally Reed

    The following contains spoilers for Barry S3E5, “crazytimesh*tshow” (written by Emily Heller and directed by Alec Berg) Let’s talk about Sally. Throughout Barry’s three seasons, she’s been a defining presence on the show, and as S3E5 features her story arc in a significant way that is largely independent from Barry’s story arc, it seems like […] More

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