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  • Rex Mottram (Charles Keating) and Charles Ryder (Jeremy Irons) dressed for dinner, and frowning, as they discuss the quirky and unfathomable Marchmains. From the 1981 Granada (ITV) production of Brideshead Revisited.

    Brideshead Revisited Yet Again

    I am fascinated by the enduring appeal of Evelyn Waugh’s novel Brideshead Revisited. This year (2022) will see the release of a new adaptation in the form of a miniseries from the BBC, which follows in the wake of a 2008 BBC film adaptation, and the highly acclaimed 1981 ITV miniseries. In anticipation of the […] More

  • vivien is in the middle of an alt right rally. There are antisemetic

    Ridley Road: What Have We Learned About Antisemitism?

    Introduction and background A bold dramaticisation of antisemitism in 1960s London, Ridley Road sparks uncomfortable but necessary conversations. One of the most absorbing shows I have seen in a long time, BBC’s Ridley Road is the story of the 62 Group and their efforts to prevent fascism in London after the Second World War.  Based […] More

  • arabella has pink hair and is standing in the street. The street around her is blurred

    An Example of True, Female Authenticity: I May Destroy You

    Before I had watched Michaela Coel’s I May Destroy You, I had been told to expect something special. I knew the series was focused on sexual assault, but I wasn’t prepared for what I watched. Written by Michaela Coel, known for Chewing Gum, I May Destroy You is a story about main character Arabella’s sexual assault. Coel also […] More

  • Philip Lombard is sat in his dressing gown at the breakfast table, he is holding a cup of juice and he looks stern

    The Compelling Charm of Philip Lombard

    Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None graced our television screens with a BBC adaptation around Christmas of 2015. Although there have been numerous attempts to recreate the story for the screen, this one is by far the best. From casting and colours right down to wit and nuance, the three-part limited series managed to […] More

  • Claes Bang as Dracula wipes his lip with a finger

    Dracula on BBC/Netflix: What Sucked And What Didn’t

    When Bram Stoker’s Dracula first crawled from his coffin back in 1897, it’s safe to say that nobody could’ve ever predicted the global phenomenon it would become. In fact, it was such a commercial failure that Stoker and his wife were virtually penniless by the time he passed away in 1912. But when a little […] More

  • Linda slumps against the bar drunk while continuing to drink

    Eastenders Delivers a Powerful New Way of Storytelling for Linda Carter

    Eastenders is pretty well known for the incredible two-hander episodes that often occur during big storylines. The first-ever one was back in 1986 and revolved around the break down of Den and Angie’s marriage. Other notable ones include Pat and Peggy’s showdown over Frank, Kat revealing she was Zoe’s mother, Phil taking baby Louise from […] More

  • Mrs Coulter aims her pistol right into the camera

    His Dark Materials S1E3 (“The Spies”): Third Time’s a Charm?

    You know how, when you watch the original Star Trek films, the even-numbered ones are amazing while the odd-numbered ones are, well, not so much? I’m truly hoping that this isn’t the case with the rest of His Dark Materials. Three episodes aren’t enough to set a trend, of course, but that even/odd thing occurred […] More

  • Promo shot of Lyra, surrounded by Lord Asriel, Mrs Coulter, and Lee Scorseby

    His Dark Materials: Who Knows Where The Road May Lead Us?

    I have been looking forward to the new HBO/BBC series His Dark Materials for months. I watched the series premiere, “Lyra’s Jordan,” and I enjoyed it, but I’m kind of still looking forward to it. I’m not sure if it’s possible to think of any sort of prestige drama these days, especially one done by […] More

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