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  • George Foreman and Ali face off

    Muhammad Ali and the Rumble in the Jungle

    Muhammad Ali had a career that was littered with career-defining moments. From beating Sonny Liston to claim his first ever title at the tender age of 22 to their controversial rematch that still has people asking if Liston took a dive. From being stripped of his belt and banned from boxing during his peak years […] More

  • Jack Johnson boxing

    Jack Johnson and the Great White Hope

    Jack Johnson had the world at his feet. Well, as much as any black man could have at the turn of the 20th century. In 1908 he had become the first African-American to win the World Heavyweight Championship when on Boxing Day – somewhat ironically – he knocked out Canadian Tommy Burns in the 14th […] More

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    Ray Donovan S6E9 Recap: Dream On

    Ray Donovan fans got a little more under the Christmas tree than a new episode this week — they got the announcement that the series would definitely be returning for a seventh season on Showtime in 2019. Eddie Marsan, who plays Terry Donovan on the show, then announced on Twitter that filming would resume in […] More