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  • Suprinder Wriach stars in the CBC Gem drama The 410

    Interview with Supinder Wraich of The 410

    While Supinder Wraich is now living in Los Angeles, the actress, writer, and director drew heavily upon her upbringing in Canada’s Northwest Toronto district of Rexdale, for the CBC Gem digital series The 410, which she created, wrote and stars in. Earning comparisons to The Sopranos and Breaking Bad, The 410 was directed by Renuka […] More

  • A remote control points at a screen with the Canadian flag on it

    The Surprising Quality of Canadian Comedy: A Primer for Americans

    One of my favourite exchanges from The West Wing is a typically Aaron Sorkin back-and-forth between Amy Gardner and one Donatella Moss, who’s just been informed she was actually born in Canada, and was therefore endowed with certain inalienable rights. “Canadian, huh?” Amy asks. “Yeah,” Donna responds. “You feel funnier?” “No, but I am developing […] More