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  • Still taken from The Man Who Fell to Earth, used for the cover of Low
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    5 Years… 5 Favourites from David Bowie’s Berlin Trilogy

    Five years on from his death, Simon McDermott celebrates five songs from David Bowie’s Berlin Trilogy era. When thinking about David Bowie’s long and frankly intimidating career, most fans will agree that two eras stand out as the highlights. Firstly, his infamous Glam Rock period in the early ‘70s, where he put his androgynous spin […] More

  • A phonograph in black and white in front of a curtain in Twin Peaks

    David Bowie: Ziggy Stardust vs. Aladdin Sane

    It may come as a surprise to some of you, but I’m not just about Rock and Metal. In fact, if you name a genre, there’s a pretty good chance I can talk about it for hours. Unless it’s Pop Music, I really hate that s*it. Jazz, soul, funk, blues, even classical music has a […] More

  • Walt Disco, 'Hey Boy! You're One of Us' cover

    Leave Your Drudgery at the Door: Walt Disco are Here!

    I’m going to have to say something. See, I’m normally quite polite, but it’s been bugging me for a while… …I’m sick to death of solemn, over-earnest, po-faced young indie bands admonishing us all in self-righteous tones without even having the decency to do so with a sense of humour, glamour or an ounce of […] More

  • a cartoon girl with a pink dress and red hair happily turns to the camera while playing piano happily.

    Music25YL: David Bowie, Chili Peppers, Blur, and More

    Every month, we look back at the music from 1995 to explore why these albums are still relevant to us 25 years later. This month brings us David Bowie’s Outside, Red Hot Chili Peppers’ One Hot Minute, The Velvet Underground’s Peel Slowly and See, Prince’s The Gold Experience, and Blur’s The Great Escape. David Bowie: […] More

  • Paul Weller on Sunset

    Paul Weller Brings Art to His Soul for ‘On Sunset’

    One of the paradoxes of the work of Paul Weller is that, while he has often said he works in traditional forms, and his critics often deride him for his ‘dadrock’ tastes and musical conservatism, within that framework he has been surprisingly experimental. For example, imagine being in one of the biggest groups in Britain […] More