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  • A black and white group shot of some of the cast of Deadwood

    Deadwood: Look Beneath the Surface

    I love Deadwood. It’s easily in my top five of shows that I rewatch over and over again. Top three, even. I’ve met some wonderful people through the fandom. And like with any fandom, while I’ve really connected with some fans, I’ve also met some people I just don’t relate to, even when all we […] More

  • Ian McShane as Al in Deadwood

    Deadwood: The Movie

      HBO’s Deadwood was cancelled after three seasons. There are many of us who haven’t been able to get over that, all these years later. No wrap-ups, no payoffs, no closure. Then, a few years ago, a ray of hope shone. David Milch, the show’s genius creator, hadn’t given up the ghost. Nor had the […] More

  • Members of the cast of HBO's Deadwood

    Deadwood: Bloodstains, Blowjobs, and a Head in a Box

    In a town like Deadwood, trust can be a complicated thing. Even among the most forthright of citizens, you find wheeling, dealing, scheming and deceit—people struggling to get by. Life moves quickly here, and violently. No one has time to speak of their own emotional state, and even if they wanted to do, they would […] More

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    Trailer of the Week: Deadwood, Welcome the F#&k back!

    When the Powers That Be cancelled HBO’s Deadwood, a great wailing was heard. The last episode of the brilliant, gritty Western aired on August 27th, 2006, and the show’s creator, David Milch, wrapped things up as best he could. With his initially planned five seasons abruptly cut down to only three, the cast, creators, and […] More

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    Deadwood Movie to Air May 31: Watch the New Trailer

    It’s not quite at a Twin-Peaks-25-years-later level of waiting, but we will be treated to new material for HBO’s fantastic Western drama Deadwood. The Deadwood movie will debut on HBO Friday, May 31, at 8 pm Eastern—almost 13 years after we last laid eyes on a new Deadwood episode. The cast will look very familiar, […] More

  • Deadwood title screen

    A Proper Introduction to Deadwood

    The following is a guest article from our friend JB Minton where he looks at the historical context that proceeds the series Deadwood. This article only references characters seen in the pilot episode and is safe to read if you’ve never seen the series. JB’s author bio is at the end of the article. Hope […] More