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  • Lily and Katie sit across from each other at a table

    Devs S1E6 Signals Things Are Coming to a Head for Lily

    I feel like Devs S1E6 was a nice complement to the episode that preceded it. Both episodes slowed the pace from earlier in the season. They both fill in background information on our main characters. But the most interesting similarity, for me was how each episode began and ended. Episode 5 opened with the song […] More

  • Sergei and Lily sit at tables in Amaya

    Devs S1E5 Delves into Many Worlds and Looks to the Past

    While most of this season of Devs has been fast-paced and action-packed, Devs S1E5 stepped back and took a breath. The episode was used to fill in the backgrounds of many of the major players—Lily, Katie, Forest, and Sergei—while only slightly moving the plot forward. And that worked for me. I welcomed this change of […] More

  • Lyndon holding his hands to his earphones with a surprised look on his face

    Devs S1E4: Are We Still on the Tram Lines?

    Similar to last week’s episode, Devs S1E4 opens with an ominous scene blending strange visuals and eerie music. This time we are shown four close-ups of characters’ faces: First is Lyndon (shaded with the color red), then Stewart (blue), Katie (another red), and finally Forest (green). I’m not exactly sure what this is supposed to […] More

  • Katie standing in front of white static projections

    Devs S1E3 Is Bookended by Two Mind-Bendingly Great Scenes

    The opening scene of Devs S1E3 erased any apprehensions I may have had about the show’s quality taking a dive after its strong premiere. I found myself speechless after watching the scene, sitting there with a confused dumb grin on my face. This is officially my kind of show, I thought. S1E3 opens with the […] More