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  • Peter and Fredwynn stand in an empty house

    Dispatches from Elsewhere S1E6: Everyone Plays the Game of Life

    Dispatches from Elsewhere S1E6 moves the plot of the series forward significantly. After discovering that the waterfall mural that Clara purportedly painted was real at the end of S1E5, our friends gather at the diner to discuss their next move. Peter, believing more than ever that Clara is real, insists that they focus on trying […] More

  • Fredwynn lies in bed

    Dispatches from Elsewhere S1E4: Fredwynn and Conspiracy

    Dispatches from Elsewhere S1E4 focuses on Fredwynn. For me, it was the weakest of the first four episodes of the series. But perhaps that is because Fredwynn is not me. Fredwynn is you if you obsess over achieving goals in a way that wrecks your personal relationships, and I’ve always tended (to a fault) to […] More

  • Janice holds up an envelope

    Dispatches from Elsewhere S1E3: Janice and Mourning

    As expected, Dispatches from Elsewhere S1E3 “Janice” focuses on Janice. Octavio gives us a rundown of her life at the beginning (in the form of a cartoon, because everyone likes cartoons). The gist of it is this: she fell in love with a man named Lev and built a life with him, but now finds […] More

  • Peter puts a VR mask on Simone

    Dispatches from Elsewhere S1E2: Simone and Anxiety

    Dispatches from Elsewhere S1E2 focuses on Simone, as its title, “Simone,” would suggest. It’s interesting because the first episode is called “Peter” and while I suppose it does focus on him, it also begins with that quick rundown from Octavio, who promises to save us 20 minutes of our lives by introducing us to Peter […] More

  • Octavio snaps his fingers

    Dispatches from Elsewhere S1E1: Peter and Nonchalance

    Dispatches from Elsewhere S1E1 grabbed me immediately.The show reminds me a little of Maniac, which I also enjoyed a lot, but I’m not sure yet if that is more about its quirk or its substance. The show opens with Octavio (Richard E. Grant) before an orange background and silence for about 20 seconds. This opening […] More