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  • David gazes into a strange light.

    Evil S3E4: “The Demon of the Road”—Mama’s Gonna Hunt a Demon on the Ghost Highway

    The following contains spoilers for Evil S3E4, “The Demon of the Road” (directed by Peter Sollett and written by Dewayne Darian Jones) What a banger of an episode! Evil S3E4 “The Demon of the Road” has everything: It’s genuinely scary, the faith debate weighs heavy, and our core trio gets some excellent development. It’s a tightly written […] More

  • Sister Andrea faces down a demon.

    Evil S3E3: “The Demon of Sex” — L is for Lust

    The following contains spoilers for Evil S3E3 “The Demon of Sex” (directed by Nelson McCormick and written by Aurin Squire) Michelle and Robert King have been vocal about how the move from CBS to Paramount+ has been liberating in what they can do with the show, and when Evil S3E3 is called “The Demon of Sex,” we’re […] More

  • David looks very disturbed.

    Evil S3E2: “The Demon of Memes” — Secret Agent Father David

    The following contains spoilers for Evil S3E2 “The Demon of Memes (directed by John Dahl and written by Davita Scarlett) So it turns out that even if you’re a priest, you can still hate your job sometimes. Evil S3E2 “The Demon of Memes” finds David trapped in a montage of frustrating situations and people, from a […] More

  • A team of scientists, Kristen, David and Ben look around a room filled with screens.

    Evil S3E1: “The Demon of Death” — Evil is Back, Baby!

    The following contains spoilers for Evil S3E1 “The Demon of Death” (directed by Robert King and written by Robert King & Michelle King) Hoo, boy, I had definitely forgotten how dense Evil can get with plot threads and mysteries. Evil S3E1 “The Demon of Death” opens with a concluding moment of S2, wherein a devastated […] More

  • A cadaver in a pop-up book bites off a finger.

    Evil S2E13: “C Is for Cannibal” (Season 2 Finale)

    We’re finally here: “C Is for Cannibal,” Evil’s Season 2 finale, opens with David proceeding with his ordination, starting with a series of quiz questions from higher ranking members of the Church. One of the hot-button issues brough up stems from David’s sermon on God’s love and race, and he’s asked whether racial politics have […] More

  • A possessed doll leaps from a pop-up book in Evil D is for Doll

    Evil S2E12: “D Is for Doll”

    It took a few rewatches of “D Is for Doll” for it to click for me. I wasn’t a huge fan until I started to piece together the ways in which it comes back around to some of the things alluded to earlier in the season. It’s not an episode with many “big” moments, but […] More

  • A pop-up book featuring demonic tax forms.

    Evil S2E11: “I Is for IRS”

    Evil S2E11, “I Is for IRS,” is a good reminder that Evil doesn’t always have to be scary. It can indeed be very scary, but it also is very skilled at being campy and just genuinely funny. It was pointed out on the Evil subreddit that the ditty being sung by Edward and Sheryl at […] More

  • A pop-up book featuring a chicken with a demon chick.

    Evil S2E10: “O Is for Ovaphobia”

    Evil S2E10, “O Os for Ovaphobia,” starts building momentum for Kristen, David and Ben’s showdown with RSM Fertility Clinic. Kristen and David are focusing their investigation of RSM by looking into some of the troubled children we’ve seen thus far in the show. First on the list is Tammy, Mathilda’s mother—yes, that Mathilda, who allegedly […] More

  • A pop-up book featuring a UFO.

    Evil S2E9: “U Is for U.F.O.”

    Aliens! Evil continues to cover all of the bases with S2E9 “U Is for U.F.O.” as our heroes are sent by Bishop Marx to assess the credibility of an Air Force pilot sighting a foreign airborne object. This week is a tantalizingly X-Files-tinged episode that continues to show the Kings’ interest in exploring different styles […] More

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