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  • Xena and Gabrielle sit together, laughing

    Happy Xenaversary – 25 Years of Xena: Warrior Princess

    Xena: Warrior Princess was my first organized fandom as an adult, and it will always have a special place in my heart. Not Xena herself. She may have been the icon, but I was there for the supporting cast, as my reputation in the OG fandom as “Everybody’s Gabrielle” (typically, most of the people who […] More

  • Tahani, Chidi, Jason, and Eleanor in disguise in The Good Place

    The Good Place, Molang, and More!

    Welcome to What’s the Buzz, where members of our staff provide you with recommendations on a weekly basis. This week’s entries come from: Rachel Stewart, Hawk Ripjaw, Caemeron Crain, and John Bernardy. Rachel: Ain’t No Con like Dragon Con Last weekend was Dragon Con 2019, and I’m still feeling it all the way into this […] More

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    MISTI-Con: We’ve Got Magic To Do

    I love the Harry Potter fandom. It’s kooky, creative, and smart. When I spend organised time with Potterphiles, it’s always good fun. I first discovered MISTI-Con in 2015. I know one of the showrunners, Clay Dockery, from the Doctor Who fandom. He’s a co-organiser and the creative director. It was in this capacity that he […] More

  • Jack saves Rose in Lost
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    A Plane Crashed 14 Years Ago & A Community Was Born

    September 22nd, 2004. The ABC network debuted a highly talked about pilot that would break the record for not only most expensive pilot ever (rumored to have cost 14 million dollars to produce) but also the highest viewed pilot of all time with 18.6 million people tuning into Part 1 of a 2-hour premiere. People […] More

  • The Split Screens Festival logo

    Split Screens Festival 2018: Can TV Really Be Cinematic?

    David Lynch told us that Twin Peaks: The Return was an 18-hour film. Of the few things he did tell us, this is one that stuck, and it has become galvanised ever since with the inclusion of The Return atop so many critics’ Best Of 2017 film lists, including Cahiers du Cinéma and the British Film Institute’s Sight & Sound. So is it any […] More