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    Metagame: Smash Melee Documentary Debuts Dec 11th on Twitch

    The Smash Brothers Melee community took a big hit recently with Nintendo shutting down The Big House tournament. With COVID-19 halting in person tournaments, tournament organizers have had to innovate new online only structures. Smash Melee, being a GameCube game from 2001, does not have online play which prompted the community to create their own […] More

  • Turnip Boy and co.

    Trailer Reaction for Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion

    A stroll through the sweet, sweet allotments of Nintendo Switch games would treat you to a variety of weird and wonderful titles to pluck. It just so happens this trailer caught my attention for something I definitely want to harvest. And I think everyone’s lives would be better knowing Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion exists. If […] More

  • Mario dreams of Breath of the WIld 2

    Nintendo Continues to Sleepwalk Through 2020

    Much like many Nintendo gamer’s Switch consoles, the company itself has spent the majority of 2020 in Sleep Mode. The multi-billion dollar company is having one of their all-too-frequent slow years where they trickle out the bare minimum as far as new content goes. The Game We Needed, Now More Than Ever People may disagree […] More

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    Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2 Remaster Announced

    The Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater series were THE games of my childhood. I’ve been chasing that high for the past 20 years, searching for a worthy successor. 2015’s Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 was an absolute nightmare. 2012 gave us Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD, a buggy, issue ridden game that I still logged 60 […] More

  • Super Mario Sunshine image of Mario and his FLUDD device

    Super Mario Remastered

    In the midst of our own Mario Madness, we’re hearing rumors, whispers, and speculation that the 35th anniversary of Mario is going to be rife with remakes featuring the (canonically speaking) former plumber. One could be skeptical of such news, as it doesn’t take much effort to set the rumor mills a blaze with promises […] More

  • Game selection screen featuring the box art for Eliminator Boat Duel and Shadow of the Ninja

    The Latest Nintendo Switch Online Games Review Spectacular

    Nintendo seems committed to releasing new games each month for the NES and SNES Online service, as well they should, since the justification for having the service at all hinges mostly on how important cloud saves are to you. Nintendo Switch Online dropped four new titles last week to add to their growing collection of […] More

  • Cover art of Super Mario Maker 2 features Mario and Luigi in construction hats designing a course as a playable Mario runs through the level

    Epic Super Mario Maker 2 Update Adds Playable Link

    Super Mario Maker 2 is getting a major update on December 5, and the big news is that you will be able to play as The Hero of Time himself: Link. When the original Super Mario Maker released on WiiU there were constant updates; however, most of them were merely superficial additions, such as adding […] More

  • September 4, 2019 Direct Title Screen

    Nintendo Direct: September 4, 2019 Breakdown

    Nintendo is back at it, dropping announcement after announcement in the most recent Nintendo Direct. And you if you missed some of it, or lost track of everything in the commotion, fear not. Here’s everything that was announced, trailers, and release dates in one nice little package. Overwatch – Releasing October 15, 2019 Overwatch for […] More

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    Rocket League is Removing Loot Boxes Later this Year

    One of the most divisive gaming mechanics of recent memory is the use of loot boxes. For those that are unaware, a “loot box” is a mechanic in a game where the player receives an item that requires in-game currency to open. In order to open these boxes, or crates as they are commonly called, […] More

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    The Troubles with Pokémon: Sword and Shield

    If you are like me, then you look forward to the next iteration of Pokémon every time it’s on the horizon. Pokémon is a gaming staple. It is massively popular, has spawned a long-running anime and movie series, and has given many children their first foray into video games, including me. After being on Nintendo’s […] More

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