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  • Velma looks at a screen full of math and variables

    Velma Has Entered The Chat

    Bold, meta, weird, and stoopid. Velma has emerged from the deep, dark, and messed up imagination of Charlie Grandy and is bending the rules of the Scooby Doo franchise with this adult-themed animated comedy. It takes on the speculated queerness of characters and shoves them into the forefront of the conversation. It emulates nostalgia and […] More

  • Caleb sits on a girder in the air next to a droid

    On the Existential Dread of the Collapse of HBO Max

    It’s been several months now since we started getting news of the fallout of the merger between Warner Bros. and Discovery, and its effects on HBO Max, which had (stunningly) begun to establish itself as something of the preeminent streaming service, to rival the traditional prestige of HBO the cable channel. Immediately all of that […] More

  • Pauline Chalamet and Mitchell Slaggert on a bench outside their literature class talking about fear

    The Sex Lives of College Girls S2E7 & S2E8: Good, I Like It.

    The following contains spoilers for The Sex Lives of College Girls S2E7 & S2E8: “The Essex College Food Workers Strike” (written by Beth Appel and directed by Tazbah Chavez) and “Pre-Frosh Weekend” (written by Sarah Tapscott & Modupe Thompson and directed by Tazbah Chavez) I’ve really been enjoying these double-episode releases because they give me […] More

  • Christopher Meyer and Alyah Chanelle Scott at the christmas party

    The Sex Lives of College Girls S2E3 & S2E4: Getting Friskier!

    The following contains spoilers for The Sex Lives of College Girls S2E3 & S2E4: “The Short King” (written by Sarah Tapscott and directed by Lila Neugebauer) and “Will You Be My Girlfriend?” (written by Rheeqrheeq Chainey and directed by Lila Neugebauer) It’s honestly very impressive how these writers squeeze in four storylines in each episode, […] More

  • Sex Lives of College Girls S2E1 "Winter Is Coming" L-R Bela (Amrit Kaur), Kimberly (Pauline Chalamet), Whitney (Alyah Chanelle Scott), and Leighton (Renee Rapp) in the hallway of their dormitory looking shocked back towards off camera

    The Sex Lives of College Girls Is BACK! And as Horny as Ever! (Season 2 Premiere)

    The following contains spoilers for The Sex Lives of College Girls S2E1, “Winter Is Coming” (written by Caroline Goldfarb and directed by Daniella Eisman), and S2E2, “Frat Problems” (written by Rupinder Gill and directed by Daniella Eisman) Mindy Kaling and Justin Noble’s The Sex Lives of College Girls’ first season was a fantastic success. It […] More

  • Two pirates share a cup of tea in Our Flag Means Death

    The Violent Delights of Our Flag Means Death

    We’re living in a time of oversaturation for the historical drama genre. I’m a known period drama enjoyer, and even I’ll admit that the sheer volume getting pretty overwhelming. Granted, this isn’t anything new. Here in the UK, costume dramas full of landed gentry melodrama and dramatic orchestral scores are a staple of Sunday night […] More

  • A scrawny figure lurches forward with fire behind it in Mad God

    Recommendations: Mad God, Waiting Room, and The Card Counter

    Each week we bring you recommendations of things to watch, listen to, play, read, or otherwise consume with your sensory apparatus. This week, Hawk recommends Phil Tippet’s long-awaited Mad God, Caemeron’s been listening to Fugazi on repeat, and Paul thinks you might enjoy The Card Counter. Film Recommendation: Mad God Hawk Ripjaw: Phil Tippet, legendary […] More

  • The Peterson family poses for a photo at Michael and Kathleen's wedding in The Staircase Episode 4

    The Staircase Episode 4 Goes Beyond Its Docuseries Roots

    The following contains spoilers for The Staircase (2022) Episode 4, “Common Sense” (written by Antonio Campos, Craig Shilowich, and Emily Kaczmarek, and directed by Antonio Campos). “Justice is a construct, little more than a game. A game that shapes the outcome of a man’s life,” Sophie Brunet (Juliette Binoche) says at the beginning of the […] More

  • Michael stares angrily at the camera

    The Staircase Episodes 1–3: What is Truth?

    Based on the documentary of the same name, The Staircase tells the true story of the death of Kathleen Peterson (Toni Collette). Her husband, Michael (Colin Firth), claims a fall down the stairs in their family home resulted in her death. Given the unlikely circumstances, the house is almost immediately declared a crime scene and […] More

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