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  • Nora stands outside of a restaurant

    High Maintenance S4E6 “Adelante”

    The key moments of High Maintenance S4E6 “Adelante” center on the experience of taking a car, particularly through ridesharing apps like Lyft and Uber. We enter into an odd space when we do this, at the whims of the driver, and perhaps the other passengers. It’s certainly worth exploring as a social phenomenon. You never […] More

  • Charlie and Hanni smoke pot in the woods

    High Maintenance S4E4 “Backflash”

    High Maintenance S4E4 “Backflash” is the story of a lighter. This puts it in the same category as something like Supernatural’s “Baby,” which was presented entirely from the perspective of Sam and Dean’s car, but it’s really not quite that. “Backflash” isn’t presented from the perspective of the Bic lighter at its center, even if […] More

  • Freddie and Violet lie on the couch

    High Maintenance S4E3 “Voir Dire”

    High Maintenance S4E3 “Voir Dire” opens with a karaoke party. Apparently The Guy has recently been a part of a jury, and this is the jurors going out to celebrate after their duty has ended. They are at a Korean place that is very likely on 32nd Street in Manhattan, given my knowledge of things […] More

  • Kym and Evan on the street

    High Maintenance S4E2: “Trick”

    High Maintenance S4E2 “Trick” continues what I think is a strong fourth season so far for the show. “Cycles” explored relationship dynamics pertaining to things like breaking up and getting back together. “Trick,” on the other hand, explores difficulties in the coordinating of relationships. First we meet Matthew (Calvin Leon Smith), who has a “shoes-off” […] More

  • THe Guy discovers a dog near his bike

    High Maintenance S4E1: “Cycles” and This American Life

    High Maintenance returns for its fourth season on HBO with S4E1 “Cycles.” The episode is virtually a crossover with This American Life, which is interesting. High Maintenance has always been a quintessentially New York show. It can perhaps lay claim to portraying the city—particularly Brooklyn—better than anything else ever has. I say this as someone […] More