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  • The cover art for Littlewood, featuring several characters smiling and holding items

    Get Crafty in These Great Farming Simulator Games

    I love farming simulator games, especially ones where you have your own town or camp. Harvest Moon, Stardew Valley, and of course, Animal Crossing are some of my favourites; I have hundreds of hours in each. The grind of gathering materials, exploring and crafting items, and building up your home is somewhat meditative to me […] More

  • The banner for the Wholesome Games direct 2021, with a television in nature motif

    Wholesome Games Direct Highlights

    The Wholesome Games community was created in response to the cancellation of gaming events due to the pandemic. Focusing on games with more light-hearted themes in comparison to triple-A titles, the Wholesome Games team has showcased many incredible games and developers since its inception. To coincide with other big gaming events like the Summer Game […] More

  • Various characters sit at a table in Coffee Talk

    Coffee Talk: The Game Where You Never Expected a Plot Twist

    A couple of weeks ago I found myself scrolling through my partner’s collection of previously downloaded Xbox Live Gold games, and stumbled across a visual novel called Coffee Talk. I’ll admit, at first, I didn’t think much of it seeing the screenshots of elves and werewolves, and figured it would be a story playing out […] More

  • the logo for Midautumn, with several of the characters standing behind it
    in ,

    Asian Inspired Dungeon Crawler Midautumn Coming to Kickstarter This Summer

    Today we’re talking with Sherveen about Midautumn, an upcoming rogue-like dungeon crawler based around themes of Asian diaspora and gentrification. Make sure to follow the pre-launch page on Kickstarter! Lor Gislason: First off, please introduce yourself and tell us a bit about Midautumn!  Sherveen: Hi! I’m Sherveen and I’m the Project Lead for Midautumn, which […] More

  • the outline of a woman over derailed train cars and a boy walking toward a sealed door on a cavern

    Journey Through the Beautiful Dystopia of Paradise Lost

    There’s a rich and beautiful world located beneath the cold, unbearable surface of the alternative World War II backdrop in Paradise Lost. Through the introduction of the game, the player learns through flashbacks and notes that the allies never ended the war, and Germany was allowed to continue its experimentation into nuclear technology over the […] More

  • Close up of a Switch playing Dogurai in the middle of a pile of old Game Boy games

    The Best Game Boy Themed Indies on Switch

    There’s certainly no shortage of retro inspired indies on the Nintendo Switch. Everything from the NES to the original Playstation has had its fair share of indie homages—all designed to give a modern, fresh take on a classic formula. Perhaps somewhat surprisingly however, there seems to be a noticeable lack of titles which ape the […] More

  • Niko, Viola and Fenrys sit at a campfire

    Viola: The Heroine’s Melody Review

    Over the last few years, more and more games have come out with lighter themes and overall more wholesome aesthetics. While some use this as a front and have darker, serious undertones (see Undertale, Pony Island) the idea of a purely feel-good game has always been something I’ve been interested in. I play games to unwind, to […] More

  • a sword sticks out of the ground, surrounded by plants

    More Feel-Good Indie Games for a Rainy Day

    Life is stressful, and sometimes you just need to kick back and lose yourself in a video game. What do you play when you’re not feeling like a big action game though? What if you just want to come away with a smile on your face and lightness in your heart? Something I love about […] More

  • Screenshot of Spiritfarer sees a character fishing from the mobile tower

    My Favorite Nintendo Switch Indie Games of 2020

    I am one of those people that, if you put a game on the Nintendo Switch, I’m much more likely to play it. I love the portability of it and the ability to just pick it up whenever I have a few spare minutes in between tasks. The vast majority of the games on my […] More

  • in

    7 More Cheap Indie Horror Games to Check Out

    The Halloween season may be over, but spookiness lives on year-round!  Whether you’re shopping for a friend or just want to treat yourself during the holidays, there’s an abundance of Indie Horror games to try. Be sure to check out my last post about Cheap Indie Horror as well for more suggestions. Sanguine Sanctum It […] More

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