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  • Mulder and Krycek stand nose-to-nose as Scully looks on
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    Queering The X-Files

    I began this month by pointing out how The X-Files generally encourages us to believe in a human soul, citing the regular appearances of ghosts and other immortal spirits. There is one notable exception that I can think of. In Season 4’s ‘Small Potatoes’, Mulder says: “maybe it’s other people’s reactions to us that make […] More

  • A photo of Janette and Sonny, and a dried rose, taped to the underside of a bunk bed

    This Is Who We Are: Queerness in Millennium

    Chris Carter’s Millennium first aired in 1996, and follows protagonist Frank Black’s (Lance Henriksen) struggle against the forces of evil as the year 2000 approaches. While its sister show The X-Files was having its heyday in the mainstream, Millennium gained a cult following—it was too dark and esoteric to reach the same heights of popularity, […] More

  • Loki (right) extends his hand to Sylvie (left) as they stand in front of a fireplace, about to fight.

    The Loki Season Finale Brings the Madness

    Poor Loki. After six episodes of fan theories and anticipation, the Loki season finale (“For All Time. Always.”) shifted viewers from fantasy character study into full-blown Marvel madness.  As always, the performances were stellar. While there’s been some debate as to whether or not Loki’s character was diluted for this show (we’ll talk more on […] More

  • Loki looks at his first successful enchantment, bathed in green light.

    Loki S1E5 “Journey into Mystery” and the Marvel Multiverse

    The fifth episode of Marvel’s third Disney+ series wraps up many of Loki’s character arcs and prepares us for the crazy new MCU content we’re going to get in the finale. To start: it appears that Loki and Sylvie’s titular Nexus Event from S1E4 was not just a potential romantic connection, but their choice to […] More

  • Loki stands in an ornate hall

    Someone Good: Loki S1E4 “The Nexus Event”

    Loki S1E4 “The Nexus Event” hit us with a million different whacks to the head from every direction. (There’s a reason this article is coming out two days post-airing.) The completion of Loki’s first character arc, Marvel’s meta-examination of villainy, commentary on religious extremism or bureaucracy, Sylvie’s backstory, how the Timekeepers connect to the greater […] More

  • Loki (left) and Sylvie (right) and framed from behind, walking towards a purple skyline.

    Loki Is Bi! (and Other Things) in Loki S1E3 (“Lamentis”)

    We have come to a glorious, glorious point where Loki consists solely of brilliant character work set against a backdrop of comic book easter eggs, goofy sci-fi junk, and underhanded social commentary. I love it dearly. Loki S1E3 (“Lamentis”) has dropped us at the end of the world—or, rather, someone else’s. At the end of […] More

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