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  • Lou speaks for Brady

    Mr. Mercedes S3E7 “The End of the Beginning”

    We’re 7 episodes in and at long last, we are apparently at the end of the beginning. Good to know that everything we’ve seen thus far was just a prelude to the real show. As we move through this transition episode, there’s more than a few instances of foreshadowing, none of it good. But we’ll […] More

  • A jury sits in the stands, all dressed as ice cream men. [Mr. Mercedes S03E06]

    Mr. Mercedes S03E06 “Bad to Worse”

    While guest star Bruce Dern (John Rothstein) is absent for the first time this season, our other big name guest star Kate Mulgrew (Alma Lane) was killing it. Her attack on Pete (“whoopsie daisy”). Her performance at the grocery store. Her pep talks with Morris. She’s just so wonderfully diabolical. And I love that duster […] More

  • Bill Hodges and Holly Gibney sits on a bench in the courthouse, both looking unhappy.

    Mr. Mercedes S03E05 “Great Balls of Fire”

    I have to say, I’m perplexed by the title of this week’s episode, “Great Balls of Fire.” The first three episodes had titles that very definitely indicated a theme playing out in several plot lines throughout. Last week’s title, “Trial and Terror,” was more of a play on words, but even at that, there was […] More

  • A judges gavel raps down as a tree burns in the background with a man standing beside it.

    Mr. Mercedes S03E04 “Trial and Terror”

    “The worst crime that my generation ever committed was that we murdered Satan. Now, nobody’s evil. They’re damaged, they’re misunderstood, they’re unloved. They’re not evil. God forbid you say that.” This was a fun episode. A lot of really great moments. And, if I’m not mistaken, it’s the first episode this season in which nobody […] More

  • Bill Hodges standing on stage with a microphone in front of him, looking out at the pub crowd.

    Mr. Mercedes S03E03 “Love Lost”

    “For you took what’s before me and what’s behind me. You took east and west when you would not mind me. The sun, the stars from the sky are taken. And God likewise I fear forsaken.” Dónal Óg, traditional Irish song The title this week’s episode is “Love Lost”, and once again the theme plays […] More

  • Judge Raines sits at the bench looking out, purple bow tie showing prominently against his block robes

    Mr. Mercedes S03E02 “Madness”

    I was thinking of a series of dreams Where nothing comes up to the top Everything stays down where it’s wounded And comes to a permanent stop Wasn’t thinking of anything specific Just thinking of a series of dreams Just thinking of a series of dreams Bob Dylan, “Series of Dreams” With the start of […] More

  • Ira and Bill sit having tea in her kitchen at the dining room table, looking at a photo frame

    Mr. Mercedes S03E01 “No Good Deed”

    So here we are, at the start of Season 3 of Mr. Mercedes. Last season ended with the exceptionally brave and unexpected move of killing off the title character, Brady Hartsfield, aka Mr. Mercedes. So now it seems we will have a Mr. Mercedes show without a Mr. Mercedes character. The promos for Season 3 […] More