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  • Behold the Nintendo Playstation!

    Nintendo’s Greatest Mistake

    How times have changed. Where games are available at any given time to download today, no such quality existed in the mid 90s. 12-13 year old me hung around an abandoned firehouse turned community center for children. We played game consoles on the first floor. Sitting at each corner was a different console from NES-N64. […] More

  • Close up of the Super Mario Land box art

    The Original Game Boy Pioneered Handheld Gaming

    Considering the popularity of the Nintendo Switch, it’s easy to forget that there was a time where handheld games were considered a novelty. Like so many things from the early days of gaming, the Game Boy was an unorthodox, but extremely ambitious, experiment that paid off pretty wonderfully. Today I’d like to discuss the Game […] More

  • Feature image showing a variety of Star Wars characters, with the phrase "Star Wars games that need to come out"

    Five Star Wars Games That Need to Come Out

    E.A.’s stronghold over the Star Wars gaming license is over! Ubisoft’s team behind The Division is about to embark on a massive open-world game set in a galaxy far, far away. With the possibilities once more given to the fans, there’s a collection of Star Wars games dating back over thirty years ago to choose […] More

  • in

    Legacy of the Wizard: Descending Into the 8-Bit Unknown

    Remember the old days of NES cartridge collecting? That golden age of gaming when the entire concept, hobby, and industry of video games was commonly just referred to as “Nintendo,” when games being cheaper to produce meant the burgeoning home console market was still fresh enough that mechanics and genres were still experimental. Fantasy and […] More

  • The Virtual Boy Logo imposed over a Virtual Boy Console

    25 Years of Virtual Boy: One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure

    If you’re expecting an unbiased critique of the Virtual Boy then I’m afraid you’ve come to the wrong place. The console’s failings are well documented, and its reputation is already one of infamy. To me however, the Virtual Boy was always something of a ‘unicorn’ system—something highly desirable, but always just out of my reach. […] More

  • Ness investigates the strange object that crashed to earth at night. It glows into the night sky.

    Earthbound is Still an Inspiration 25 Years Later

    I found Earthbound in a bargain bin just outside the automotive repair department of my local Sears. There were dozens of copies of the large rectangular shaped boxes in there, all marked CLEARANCE $19.99. I had wanted to buy the game when it first released, but I wasn’t making my own money at the time. […] More

  • F-Zero X and Wipeout Box Art.

    F-Zero X and WipEout: The Essence of Nintendo Vs Sony

    Futuristic, anti-gravity racing games were all the rage in the latter half of the 90s. The advent of 3D polygonal consoles had enabled developers to create games where vehicles could travel at incredible speeds on tracks that could twist and loop without concern for real world physics. Many great games emerged from this compelling formula—Extreme-G, […] More

  • Title logo for Viewtiful Joe

    Viewtiful Joe Needs a Comeback

    The early 2000s were something of a creative renaissance for gaming, with multiple brand new IPs standing tall alongside well-established franchises. It’s weird to think of how few new IPs have cropped up in the past few generations of gaming, at least from major studios. It kind of makes sense; video game development is more […] More

  • Mega Man, using Fire Man's powers, duels against the hooded blue and white Ice Man on an 8-bit sheet of ice.

    Top 10 Favorite 8-Bit Mega Man Boss Robots

    The only thing that makes or breaks a Mega Man game is how cool the boss robots are. The Mega Man series was never about its backstory. That’s why cartoons based on Mega Man always feel so weird. It doesn’t matter if Mega Man is called to a competition that turned into revolt, if the […] More

  • The core party members of Crono Trigger pose for a group photo. This includes Lucca, Crono, Marle, Frog, Ayla, and Robo.

    Chrono Trigger, 25 Years Later

    Laura Palmer once said, “I’ll see you again in 25 years.” In case you can’t tell by the title of our website, we love Twin Peaks and because of this one line, we make an effort to look back on pieces of significant pop culture when they turn 25. Few other games of 1995 are as […] More

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