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  • The Parks and Rec crew on a Zoom meeting in the Parks and Recreation Special

    Parks & Rec Special, The Night Comes For Us, and More!

    Welcome to What’s the Buzz, where members of our staff provide you with recommendations on a weekly basis.This week, Jill Watson is tearing up over the Parks and Recreation Special, Hawk Ripjaw is watching The Night Comes For Us, Jason Sheppard is listening to the updated Legends of the Fall soundtrack, and Vincent Greene recommends […] More

  • A mug in front of a laptop with the text "Just one more episode" on it.

    Lockdown TV: The Best Shows to Comfort Watch

    In these dark days, a lot of us are turning to the old idiot box even more to escape everything going on at the moment. Also, in long-term lockdown there are only so many new hobbies you can take up before you realise you hate hobbies. There are any number of amazing shows worthy of […] More

  • The whole cast and Andy sing the Goodbye Song. Andy Plays guitar, and Champion the dog is there too.

    Parks and Recreation: The Johnny Karate Episode

    I’m not into sitcoms. There’s something about the half-hour format that makes me impatient. And I’m not particularly into comedies either. I prefer hour-long drama type shows, that just happen to have a lot of wit in them. There was absolutely no reason why I should have loved Parks and Recreation. And yet I did. […] More