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  • A mug in front of a laptop with the text "Just one more episode" on it.

    Lockdown TV: The Best Shows to Comfort Watch

    In these dark days, a lot of us are turning to the old idiot box even more to escape everything going on at the moment. Also, in long-term lockdown there are only so many new hobbies you can take up before you realise you hate hobbies. There are any number of amazing shows worthy of […] More

  • The whole cast and Andy sing the Goodbye Song. Andy Plays guitar, and Champion the dog is there too.

    Parks and Recreation: The Johnny Karate Episode

    I’m not into sitcoms. There’s something about the half-hour format that makes me impatient. And I’m not particularly into comedies either. I prefer hour-long drama type shows, that just happen to have a lot of wit in them. There was absolutely no reason why I should have loved Parks and Recreation. And yet I did. […] More