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  • The banner for the Wholesome Games direct 2021, with a television in nature motif

    Wholesome Games Direct Highlights

    The Wholesome Games community was created in response to the cancellation of gaming events due to the pandemic. Focusing on games with more light-hearted themes in comparison to triple-A titles, the Wholesome Games team has showcased many incredible games and developers since its inception. To coincide with other big gaming events like the Summer Game […] More

  • The Sega Dreamcast console

    Remembering the Dreamcast

    About two years ago, I worked tech on a video game podcast where none of the hosts knew when the Dreamcast was released. Without having even to flinch, I blurted out, “September 9, 1999.” Dumbfounded, the co-host leaned toward me, “how did you know that?” he said. 12 year old me ate up Sega’s bizarre […] More

  • Behold the Nintendo Playstation!

    Nintendo’s Greatest Mistake

    How times have changed. Where games are available at any given time to download today, no such quality existed in the mid 90s. 12-13 year old me hung around an abandoned firehouse turned community center for children. We played game consoles on the first floor. Sitting at each corner was a different console from NES-N64. […] More

  • the hunter jumps in the air and aims her bow at a distant target. her eagle flies beside her

    The Pathless: Free as a Bird

    Besides the preinstalled Astro’s Playroom, The Pathless was the first game I played on the PS5. I had played the developers previous title, Abzû, so I sort of knew what I was getting into here. A minimal tutorial and HUD, along with great visuals were a given. However, I didn’t know how quickly I would become entranced […] More

  • Hero Zagreus stars in Hades, Skelly, his friend on the right, Hades does paperwork in the back

    We’re Just Playing: Hades, Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Yuppie Psycho: Executive Edition, Serious Sam, and Skyrim

    The prestigious Game Awards have announced their 2020 nominees for Game of the Year and the selection is…mixed. It was a paltry year for games what with that thing that happened, not to mention the other things that happened, in addition to everyone having to stay indoors and forgetting how to speak to other people […] More

  • Anne looks up at the toymaker's mansion.

    Rooms: The Adventure of Anne & George Review

    When Labo VR released for the Nintendo Switch, I was hopeful that we’d see a flood of games from third-party and indie developers utilising the cheap and cheerful peripheral. Alas, that didn’t really happen. In fact, at the time of writing, only three games on the Switch eshop include LABO VR support. I’ve been keen […] More

  • Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout title screen with Fall Guys

    Fall Guys, Super Metroid, The Final Take, and Dead End Road

    This week, we see what Collin and Conor are playing. It’s a nice mix of old and new, popular and overlooked. Time to find out what’s trending in their own personal zeitgeist. Collin Henderson This week I’ve been bouncing around between a few different titles. Firstly, I was showing my poor, aging, neglected 3DS some […] More

  • The Final Fantasy X Logo

    Final Fantasy X: Distinctly Japanese, Universally Relatable

    “This is it. This… is your story. It all begins here.” It’s been some years since I originally played Final Fantasy X, and truth be told, there was little I could recall about it. Replaying it now, I’m shocked at how thought-provoking and impactful its story actually is. Perhaps I was too young to appreciate […] More

  • Final Fantasy IX title featuring the skyline of Alexandria

    The Retro Charm of Final Fantasy IX

    We’ve come a long way traversing the history of the Final Fantasy franchise so far. From its humble beginnings on the NES, to the next gen beauty of the SNES era games, up to the PSX era entries, the series’ visual flair was ever changing. Some might argue that the Playstation era games (VII through […] More

  • Two animated anthropomorphic cups Cuphead and Mugman smile.

    My Journey with Cuphead (and Mugman)

    Kick back, relax, and have a cupper! This week we bartered with the Devil and lost. Our punishment: Exquisite pain. Gorgeous visuals. Merciless gameplay. Precise controls. Yes, it will break you, but no tears please, it is a waste of good suffering. Plus, Collin finally gets around to playing Resident Evil: Code Veronica X! Johnny […] More

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