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  • 2-Bit and Spanky look at BG

    Power S6E7: “Like Father, Like Son”

    Every week I make notes as I watch Power, and every week I end up with an entire book full of small incredible details that keep Power surprising us week after week. This definitely isn’t a quiet show; it wants to surprise us and it knows just how damn good it is. I am completely […] More

  • Tasha leans over a snooker table

    Power S6E6: “Inside Man”

    “You were right, kid: As long as Ghost and Tommy think you’re in danger, they’ll do anything to cover what you owe me.” Oh, Tariq. Why? All that you’re doing here is proving to me that you’re not actually worth anything, especially not $2 million. But his family can’t see that, which is why they […] More

  • Proctor looks towards Benny, frowning

    Power S6E5: “King’s Gambit”

    Admittedly this week I watched Power later than I usually do and ran into one of the biggest spoilers of the season. You can probably guess what it was. To spend the whole episode wondering when something is going to happen is the worst. This week’s episode of Power was absolutely full of surprises, and I […] More

  • Angela lays on the bed looking at James

    Power S6E4: “Why Is Tommy Still Alive?”

    Power just keeps getting better and better. A lot of stuff went down this week, and honestly it’s making me angry to see some of the backlash that this week’s episode got online. Last week, we got support for 50 Cent, and now I’m seeing people calling the story line a joke. I don’t know where […] More

  • LaKeisha puts her arm around Tommy as they stare at each other

    Power S6E2: “Whose Side Are You On?”

    You know when you finish the latest episode of Power and then Netflix takes you back to Season 1 Episode 1 and you’re left staring at that image of Ghost and Angela in Truth? I have had so many mixed feelings through that image now, and season 6 so far has only mixed it up […] More

  • Ghost and Tommy look on, wearing black coatsearing black

    Power S6E1: “Murderers”

    The sixth and final season of STARZ series Power returned with a vengeance on Sunday. The cast and crew have been building up the anticipation for “The Final Betrayal” for months on Twitter, and I have to say their efforts worked; they got us worked up and I couldn’t be more excited for the show to be […] More