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  • Herr Starr gets his signature eye scar in Preacher

    Preacher S4E8: Genitals and Judgement in “Fear of the Lord”

    We all know the drill, so say it with me: “this week offers another alright Preacher episode. It has its moments, but it’s also not particularly great. There are some alright goofs, a decent shot or two, and some good dialogue, but we’re still stuck on the whole ‘plot’ thing.” I really wish I could […] More

  • Fiore offers Preacher the throne of God in Messiahs

    Preacher S4E7: The Divine Plan Is Revealed in “Messiahs”

    Honest question: can we keep Jesse, Cassidy, and Tulip on the same continent for longer than a single episode this season? They don’t necessarily have to be together, but at least within driving distance as there seems to be a correlation between proximity and episode quality. “The Lost Apostle” put them all in Australia and […] More

  • Preacher title card

    Preacher S4E5: God Is an Asshole in “Bleak City”

    We’re officially halfway through the final season of Preacher and I’m starting to get a little worried. Sure, I haven’t been particularly kind to the first few episodes of the season, but I’d been holding out hope. The show has always been a little uneven so I thought maybe the back half of the season […] More

  • Preacher S4E4 Opening Title

    Preacher S4E4: Christ Has Returned and He’s Chill

    There are pretty strict guidelines for a good episode of Preacher. A good episode will be snappy, it will be weird, it will push boundaries, and most importantly it will move the plot forward. Those are the basic tenets that kept the previous seasons (especially Season 1 and Season 3) moving so well, and why […] More

  • Preacher Season 4 Episode 3 Title

    Preacher S4E3: Angels Are Watching and Hell Is Waiting

    Buckle up, because this season is going to be all over the place in just about every sense of the phrase. The first few episodes have already shown us the highs and lows of Preacher. We’ve split the group across multiple continents and we’re keeping up with the Tarantino-esque non-chronological sequences. Even when the episode […] More

  • Preacher Season 4 Premiere Opening Logo

    Preacher Season 4 Premiere: Apocalypse Soon

    Preacher has been talking up The End—the apocalypse—for quite some time now, and the Season 4 premiere really wants you to know it’s coming. In just part one of the two-part opener, we get one literal extinction event, one vision of the apocalypse, and a preview of the ending of Jesse, Tulip, and Cassidy’s journey. […] More

  • in

    Preacher Season 1: There Was No Change, Just Destruction

    Annville, Texas is your average backwater town, filled to the brim with those looking to save themselves through their religion. They go to church most Sundays, confer with the local preacher, and generally look to God. They also f*ck, kill, and beat each other regularly. Annville, Texas is the hometown of preacher Jesse Custer. Jesse […] More