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  • Bruce and Abby sit on beds in Room 104 playing Nintendo

    Room 104 S4E10 Recap and Analysis: “The Night Babby Died”

    Room 104 S4E10 “The Night Babby Died” (written by Jenée LaMarque and Julian Wass, and directed by LaMarque) presents a fairly straightforward story, particularly by the standards of Room 104. It is certainly a far cry from the fantastical nature of last week’s “The Last Man” (which was bonkers), lacks the level of magical realism […] More

  • Durkon holds a sword in front of him with down hanging in the air

    Room 104 S4E9 Recap and Analysis: “The Last Man”

    If you’ve just finished Room 104 S4E9 “The Last Man” (directed by Julian Wass and written by Mark Duplass) you may find yourself wondering what in the hell you just watched. It’s a strange episode, experimental even by the standards of this show, and I honestly found myself wondering how many people might have turned […] More

  • Enid looks up at Chip while she holds large dice in her hands in a darkly lit Room 104

    Room 104 S4E8 Recap and Analysis: “No Dice”

    Room 104 S4E8 “No Dice” (written by Julian Wass and directed by Patrick Brice) gives us the story of an older woman named Enid (Linda Lavin) who is obsessed with game show host Chip Crawford (Gary Cole). This type of parasocial interaction is not uncommon, even if most of us don’t engage in it to […] More

  • Harry lounging in the bathtub in a robe and earmuffs reading a newspaper

    Room 104 S4E5 Recap and Analysis: “Oh, Harry!”

    Room 104 S4E5 “Oh, Harry!” (written and directed by Mel Eslyn) is a sitcom. The style is very much of the ‘90s, from the tropes making light of familial dysfunction to the absurd premise (they are living in a motel room while their house is being worked on) to the clothes (OK, especially the clothes!). […] More

  • Melissa Fumero as Eva entering Room 104

    Room 104 S4E4 Recap and Analysis: “Bangs”

    Room 104 S4E4 “Bangs” (written by Jenée LaMarque and Lauren Parks, and directed by Jenée LaMarque) follows in line with the previous episodes of Season 4 in a couple of significant ways. As with “Star Time” and “Avalanche,” the reality of events is meaningfully in question, and the plot centers on what could be called […] More

  • Raw Dawg Avalanche standing in Room 104

    Room 104 S4E3 Recap and Analysis: “Avalanche”

    As with last week’s episode, “Star Time,” the reality of events is very much in question in Room 104 S4E3 “Avalanche” (directed by Ross Partridge and written by Mark Duplass). I’m something of a sucker for this kind of narrative—particularly when there is a mystery centered around issues with memory—so at least from my point […] More

  • Graphic of endless doors in Room 104 and a shot of Sydney Fleischmann

    Inside Room 104: An Interview With Sydney Fleischmann

    Room 104 just finished up its third season run on HBO; a season that stretched the boundaries of the premise a little more, and got a little bit more experimental generally. Sydney Fleischmann is a film and television producer who’s worked closely with the Duplass Brothers for several years. Having been involved in films such […] More

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