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  • Dory is chained to a chair while Chip films her in Search Party Season 4

    Search Party Season 4 Episodes 1–3: Now What?

    The following includes spoilers for Search Party Season 4 Episodes 1 through 3 on HBO Max. Search Party is back with Season 4 and darker than ever! After a quick seven month turnaround (which is basically unheard of for television in the times of COVID—but they did finish filming before the pandemic), the HBO Max […] More

  • Dory and Drew on trial in court with bottled water on the table and a packed courthouse behind them.

    Search Party Season 3 Episodes 6–10: Unsavory Tactics

    The following contains spoilers from Season 3 of HBO Max’s Search Party. “This is me, Drew. This is who I’ve always been.” – Dory (S3E10) A classmate in a poetry seminar I was part of in college wrote this line that I think about often: “everyone keeps saying they don’t like the new Taylor Swift, […] More