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  • Holt sits behind his desk while Jake stands at his side

    Brooklyn Nine-Nine S8E3: “Blue Flu”

    After last week’s heavily contrasting serious episode/fun episode pairing, this week Brooklyn Nine-Nine finds itself settling into a comfortable middle ground between the serious and the funny. This week’s pair of episodes doesn’t dive into anything too heavy, but the first episode of the night, “Blue Flu”, does give us a further glimpse at the […] More

  • Jake and Rosa stand side by side. Jake has his hands out in front of him as if he is explaining something

    Brooklyn Nine-Nine S8E1: “The Good Ones” (Season 8 Premiere)

    We can’t talk about the Season 8 premiere of Brooklyn Nine-Nine without first talking about everything else. Brooklyn Nine-Nine has never shied away from diving headfirst into heavy stuff in the past. Two of the show’s best episodes are centered around things that most other workplace comedies wouldn’t even think of even trying to approach: […] More

  • Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) and Vision (Paul Bettany) look on in Marvel and Disney+'s WandaVision

    WandaVision Premieres: A Special Marvel Roundtable

    What in the world is WandaVision about? Rachel Stewart and Will Johnson sit down for a special two-part roundtable discussion on the new Marvel/Disney+ series. Here they discuss the show’s premiere, consisting of Episode 1 and Episode 2. Rachel Stewart: So it’s been a minute since we had a major Marvel moment. Avengers: Endgame was […] More

  • Sam and Darrin from Bewitched with pie on their faces

    Far Out Favorites In ’60s TV

    Ah, the 1960s. I wish I could see what the decade was like in person, but alas, no DeLoreans are available just yet. I love hearing stories from my relatives about what life was like “back in the day.” They each offer differing perspectives, noting the good and the bad. Sometimes I wonder what it […] More

  • Arthur, Darrin and Samantha in Bewitched

    Trick Or Treat With Bewitched’s “Twitch Or Treat”

    It’s practically Halloween every day on Bewitched, given Samantha’s (Elizabeth Montgomery) and Darrin’s (Dick York) everyday lives. However, the Halloween vibes are laid on with an extra kick in the Season 3 episode, “Twitch or Treat.” Endora wishes to host a Halloween party, but finds herself hosting it at Sam’s and Darrin’s when Darrin demands […] More

  • Eric smiles and waves his arms in the air in front of a Yorkshire background

    The ’90s Proved that Britain Knows How to do Comedy

    I’m somebody who tends to fall in love with a television show and watch it over and over again for the entirety of my life. It’s so easy to do this with sitcoms because they’re fun and lighthearted and can be played in the background of whatever you’re doing. While I love American comedies like […] More

  • Joey hugs Chandler from behind in Friends, Chandler smiling slightly

    Best Friends Forever: Favorite TV Besties

    Best friends are, well, the best. They’re there through thick and thin, they aren’t afraid to tell you the truth, and they’re your cheerleaders, among other things. There are so many friends on TV to love and consider as #friendshipgoals. There are a lot of best friends on TV that I love, albeit for different […] More

  • Jackie looking unhappily surprised, pointing to Elizabeth and looking in front of her, with Elizabeth behind her smiling and holding up her hands, Javier next to Elizabeth smiling and leaning towards her as they stand in the doorway

    Broke’s Abrupt Ending Leaves Audiences Brokenhearted

    Earlier this year, I eagerly anticipated the premiere of a new CBS sitcom, Broke. I was a Pauley Perrette fan, having enjoyed her character, Abby Sciuto, on NCIS over the years, and I looked forward to watching her play an entirely new character in a different television genre. I loved Broke upon watching its premiere; I surprised myself […] More

  • Tubbs and Crockett standing and looking at their Captain in Miami Vice, Tubbs has a hand in his pocket and Crockett has his head to the side and his lips pursed

    Flashback To The ’80s: Favorites In TV

    I love the 1980s. I wasn’t there to experience the decade myself, as I wasn’t born yet, so I rely on 1980s pop culture to give me an idea of what things were like back in the day. TV is a big part of that. If I had a DeLorean with a working flux capacitor […] More

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