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  • Kendall walks into the office on election night

    Succession S4E8 Breakdown: False Flag

    The third to last episode of Succession is in the books and well, it was explosive. Literally. Succession S4E8 saw the Roy siblings (plus Tom) turn on one another in dramatic fashion on election night, with the stakes as high as they could possibly get. We’re about to get into heavy spoiler territory so if […] More

  • Shiv, Roman and Kendall huddle at the tail gate party

    Succession S4E7 Breakdown: Reverse Viking Mode

    I really don’t want Succession to go. I totally admire Jesse Armstrong’s desire to go out on top, tell the story he wants to tell and be done, but I already want more. “Tailgate Party,” the seventh episode in the series’ final season, was both an indicator that the story is concluding as well as […] More

  • Kendall on stage looking at his father on a video projector

    Succession S4E6 Breakdown: The Effects of Grief

    We’re in the home stretch for Succession now. “Living+” was the sixth episode of the final season, meaning we now just have four more episodes with the Roy siblings, Cousin Greg, Tom and even Carl, who really wants his golden parachute. If you haven’t seen Succession S4E6, we’re about to get into heavy spoiler territory […] More

  • Roman and Kendall fight with Matsson on a mountaintop

    Succession S4E5 Breakdown: GoJo or GoNo?

    We are now officially halfway through the final season of Succession. Despite the fact that most of us have pre-grieved, it stings all the same. “Kill List” marks the halfway point and continues the Succession tradition of at least one episode a year taking place somewhere in Europe. Norway was our destination this time and despite […] More

  • Shiv, Kendall and Roman huddle in their dad’s home

    Succession S4E4 Breakdown: Pre-Grieving

    After last week’s emotional rollercoaster of an episode, what could Succession possibly do to us this week? Well, we would learn about pre-grieving, Roman Roy style of course. Succession S4E4, entitled “Honeymoon States,” didn’t take the foot off the gas at all, although we did get a chance to catch our breath a little bit. […] More

  • The Roy siblings hugging

    Succession S4E3 Breakdown: Emancipation

    This might be the most difficult piece I’ve ever written. How can you recap or even analyze this landmark episode of television? Succession has been in a league of its own since its second season, when it shattered glass ceilings and cemented itself as one of TV’s best, perhaps ever. Sometimes, the show strikes these raw […] More

  • Tom Wambsgans standing in a newsroom

    The Comic Tragedy of Succession’s Tom Wambsgans

    It’s been a wild ride for us Succession fans. Throughout the show’s nearly four seasons, we’ve been party to some of the most absurd emotional manipulation ever portrayed on television. That insane family dynamic is what has always kept me coming back. That, as well as the fact that, despite these being the most farcically […] More

  • Connor singing karaoke in Succession S4E2

    Succession S4E2 Breakdown: A Father’s Love

    There’s no other series in television’s long history that has weaved devastation and genuine, full bodied laughter the way that Succession has. They call it a dark comedy and I suppose that’s an accurate description, but it’s also an oversimplification. Jesse Armstrong and team have tapped into our deepest fears about the wealthiest people in […] More

  • Logan and Kerri in Succession S4E1

    Succession S4E1: Life, Death & Logan Roy

    The final chapter of one of television’s greatest achievements from the 21st century has begun. Succession S4E1, titled “The Munsters,” saw the kids unite, Logan discuss the afterlife, Shiv and Tom’s tortured marriage break our hearts one more time and well…don’t ask to smell Greg’s fingers. If you haven’t seen the season premiere of Succession’s […] More

  • Bob Odenkirk, with glasses and a white beard, points a finger in Lucky Hank

    March 2023 TV Premieres: Release Dates, Blurbs & More!

    March 2023 is going to bring us a number of highly anticipated new and returning TV series, from Yellowjackets to Succession, Ted Lasso, The Mandalorian, History of the World, Part II and more. We’re here to run down the upcoming premieres we’re excited about, and to say a little bit about why. Below you’ll find […] More

  • Kendall, Shiv and Roman confront Logan

    Succession S3E9: The Finale to End All Finales

    The following article contains major spoilers for Succession S3E9, “All the Bells Say”, the finale of the third season. Proceed with caution. Some shows just know how to do finales right. Lost and Mad Men come to mind as shows that always knew how to stick the landing in the final episode of a season. In […] More

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