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  • Kristen and a suspect face each other across a table in an interrogation room.

    Evil Season 1: Sowing Fear Through Uncertainty

    Sight unseen, Evil sounds like a standard-issue primetime CBS procedural with a “case of the week” and occasional character development. However, Evil itself is a clever, gripping and frightening premium-caliber program in the skin of something else. It is startlingly good, boasting interesting characters, creative plotting, and rich thematic concepts. What really makes Season 1 […] More

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    Manifested Destiny: Timeless and the Unravelling of American History

    Despite emerging as the world’s dominant superpower across the 20th century, the United States of America is, compared to many other global nation states, a young buck in terms of historical brevity. Timeless is among the first television shows to highlight the historical texture of the nation through a science-fiction framework. Arriving on NBC in […] More

  • TV showing static with a bloody handprint on it, and an arm on the floor reaching out

    Watching From Behind the Sofa: The Best Horror TV Shows

    I begin this article with the knowledge that almost no horror fan will agree with this list, or with my parameters, and possibly even with anything I have to say about any of the shows. Such is the horror genre. It has passionate, opinionated fans from all age groups, nations, and social groups. Is it […] More

  • Samantha smiling and looking to her right in the Bewitched Pilot

    The Magic of Samantha Stephens

    Samantha Stephens is a name that has withstood the decades, belonging to one of the most memorable TV characters in history. In my opinion, she’s among the very best. She was classy, funny, witty, kind, and definitely had enviable problem-solving skills and endless patience. I grew up watching Bewitched often. I’ll be honest—I know the first five […] More

  • Mick and Beth stand in a hospital room

    Moonlight: Vampire Love Lost Too Soon

    The CBS TV show Moonlight premiered in 2007, set in Los Angeles and starring Alex O’Loughlin as private investigator Mick St. John and Sophia Myles as reporter Beth Turner. From the first episode, it’s clear there’s a level of attraction between Mick and Beth, but there are complications. One, Mick is a vampire; two, Mick and […] More

  • Dean tied up in chair, blood on his forehead, light streaming in from window behind him while spooky and bedraggled girl stand to his left staring at him while holding a hot poker threateningly

    On Bending Humanity: An Analysis of Supernatural’s “The Benders”

    Season 1 of Supernatural set up the basic foundations for what the show is known for today: the chemistry between the Winchester brothers, as well as its scare factor. The earlier seasons of the long-running show focused more on monster-of-the-week plotlines rather than an arching storyline such as the brothers trying to close the Gates of […] More