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  • Jocelyn discusses the music video for "World Class Sinner" with her team on set.

    The Idol Episode 2 Recap: “Double Fantasy”

    Aptly titled “Double Fantasy,” Episode 2 of The Idol is all about mirrors, substitutes, and double-crossing. Leaning deeper into its erotic thriller undertones, and slipping intermittently into soap opera territory, the episode ramps up the melodramatic narrative quite a bit. There are still promising signs of multilayered storytelling, but glimpses of genre artifice lurk just […] More

  • Jocelyn poses in front of a panel of drawn faces in The Idol premiere

    The Idol Premiere Recap: An Honest Aesthetic Exploration

    Tilted “Pop Tarts and Rat Tales,” The Idol’s highly-controversial series premiere opens with a tight, claustrophobic shot of Jocelyn, played by Lily-Rose Depp. She is being directed by an unseen photographer to emote and follows his dictates (“pure sex,” “vulnerable,” “emotional”) by morphing her mien with mesmerizing accuracy. Immediately, we are welcomed into a world […] More