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  • Marty (Will Ferrell) talks to Ike (Paul Rudd) by the poolside.

    The Shrink Next Door Episode 5: Bromance in “The Family Tree”

    The following contains spoilers for The Shrink Next Door, Episode 5, “The Family Tree” (written by Georgia Pritchett and Catherine Shepherd and directed by Jesse Peretz) Do you remember how back in 2005 teenage girls and hopeless romantic women went entirely nuts for the love story that was The Notebook? Everyone thought Noah threatening to let […] More

  • Marty (Will Ferrell) talks about Ike (Paul Rudd) who is sitting right next to him.

    The Shrink Next Door Episode 4: Building “The Foundation”

    The following contains spoilers for The Shrink Next Door, Episode 4, “The Foundation” (written by Adam Countee and directed by Michael Showalter). It’s been a week since we were all introduced to Marty Markowitz (Will Ferrell) and his manipulative therapist Doctor Ike Herschkopf (Paul Rudd). The first three episodes of The Shrink Next Door focused […] More