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  • David Rudolf visits Michael Peterson in jail

    The Staircase Episode 5 Proves Lies Are Stranger Than Truth

    The following contains spoilers for The Staircase (2022) Episode 5, “The Beating Heart” (written by Antonio Campos, Aja Gabel, and Emily Kaczmarek, and directed by Leigh Janiak). The Staircase Episode 5, “The Beating Heart,” tells the audience about Michael Peterson’s (Colin Firth) life in jail after the verdict and his developing pen pal relationship with Sophie […] More

  • The Peterson family poses for a photo at Michael and Kathleen's wedding in The Staircase Episode 4

    The Staircase Episode 4 Goes Beyond Its Docuseries Roots

    The following contains spoilers for The Staircase (2022) Episode 4, “Common Sense” (written by Antonio Campos, Craig Shilowich, and Emily Kaczmarek, and directed by Antonio Campos). “Justice is a construct, little more than a game. A game that shapes the outcome of a man’s life,” Sophie Brunet (Juliette Binoche) says at the beginning of the […] More

  • Michael stares angrily at the camera

    The Staircase Episodes 1–3: What is Truth?

    Based on the documentary of the same name, The Staircase tells the true story of the death of Kathleen Peterson (Toni Collette). Her husband, Michael (Colin Firth), claims a fall down the stairs in their family home resulted in her death. Given the unlikely circumstances, the house is almost immediately declared a crime scene and […] More