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  • Still from The Twilight Zone episode "Time Enough at Last." Henry Bemis sits on the steps of the library happily reading a book.

    The Twilight Zone, Burgess Meredith, and the Paradox of Reading

    Burgess Meredith is best known to audiences as Mickey, the hardscrabble gym owner/boxing trainer in Rocky, but I’ll always remember him first for two of his four appearances on the iconic original Twilight Zone series: “Time Enough at Last” (S1E8) and “The Obsolete Man” (S2E29). These two episodes are absolute classics of the original series, […] More

  • Tentacles hang down in a tank, while the crew looks on

    The Twilight Zone: “8”

    I’ll have to admit to you, kind reader, that I didn’t get this one. I was pretty confused and I like to think I’m a fairly intelligent guy. But this week’s episode of The Twilight Zone went to goofy town and I don’t think I came back unscathed. If there is one thing that this […] More

  • Madison sits in the cafeteria at school

    The Twilight Zone: “Among the Untrodden”

    The Twilight Zone’s second season gets back on track with its fifth episode “Among the Untrodden”. After a couple of episodes of near misses and/or simply ‘meh’ storytelling, “Among the Untrodden” brings back the traditional Twilight Zone milieu, delivering a can’t-miss premise and issuing plot surprise after plot surprise, including the patented TZ twist ending. […] More

  • JJ Malloy introduces Jasmine to the Ovation audience

    The Twilight Zone: “Ovation”

    “Infamy All for publicity Destruction going viral –Metallica, “Moth into Flame” The Twilight Zone is, shall we say, a bit cynical about fame, especially in its newest incarnation. In season 1’s “The Comedian”, Samir Wassan (Kumail Nanjiani) was a comedian who was granted his wish of popular success but the price was the disappearance of […] More

  • Harry Pine walks down a city street

    The Twilight Zone: “The Who of You”

    After an impressive opening salvo of “Meet in the Middle” and “Downtime”, The Twilight Zone hits the first snag of its second season with the action-packed, but intellectually light, “The Who of You”. Written by Win Rosenfeld (writer of the upcoming Candyman reboot and executive producer for BlacKkKlansman), “The Who of You” borrows heavily from […] More

  • Michelle Weaver looks on as the Downtime App Icon looks downward

    The Twilight Zone: “Downtime”

    Michelle Weaver is a woman who’s worked her entire life to get where she is in the world. Now, as this new chapter begins, it’s the world itself that’s about to change. She’s about to take a break from life as she knows it and book an extended stay here… in the Twilight Zone. Though […] More

  • in

    The Twilight Zone: “Meet in the Middle”

    “What kind of compromise goes into connecting with another human being? Is it meeting in the middle? Or going all the way to the end of the line? Philip Hayes found connection, but only with the darkest part of his soul. A region of self that he’ll inhabit for the rest of his life. Here, […] More

  • Joe punches a television set

    The Twilight Zone: “What’s in the Box?”

    Portrait of a TV fan. Name: Joe Britt. Occupation: cab driver. Tonight, Mr. Britt is going to watch ‘a really big show,’ something special for the cabbie who’s seen everything. Joe Britt doesn’t know it, but his flag is down and his meter’s running and he’s in high gear—on his way to the Twilight Zone. […] More

  • Arthur looks at a samurai sword he holds in his hand

    The Twilight Zone: “The Encounter”

    Two men alone in an attic, a young Japanese-American and a seasoned veteran of yesterday’s war. It’s twenty-odd years since Pearl Harbor, but two ancient opponents are moving into position for a battle in an attic crammed with skeletons, souvenirs, mementos, old uniforms, and rusted medals. Ghosts from the dim regions of the past, that will […] More

  • the actual devil looks at the camera

    The Twilight Zone: The Howling Man

    The Twilight Zone episode “The Howling Man” seems to fit the traditional “bottle episode” model: virtually one set being used, no special effects, limited casting and not the most elaborate script. A lot of bottle episodes exist to save the production company money so they can attribute more budget to another episode or grab that […] More

  • a man struggles with two officers while talking to another man

    The Twilight Zone: Shadow Play

    “We know that a dream can be real, but whoever thought that reality could be a dream? We exist, of course, but how, in what way? As we believe, as flesh-and-blood human beings, or are we simply parts of someone’s feverish, complicated nightmare? Think about it, and then ask yourself, do you live here, in […] More

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