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  • Street Hustler Boy stands outside of a theater with a marquee in the background that says Heavy into Beth

    Ultra City Smiths S1E3: “Hot Clues” and Second Chances

    The following contains spoilers for Ultra City Smiths S1E3, “Hot Clues” Who killed Carpenter K. Smith? To suggest that Ultra City Smiths is structured around this question may bring to mind the murder of Laura Palmer, and while it is hardly the only show to formulate itself around such an inaugural mystery, I find myself […] More

  • Detective Mills sits at the end of a bar with a drink to the front of the frame

    Ultra City Smiths: S1E1 & S1E2 Strike a Tone of Bleak Absurdity

    The following contains spoilers for the premiere of Ultra City Smiths: S1E1, “She Don’t Care,” and S1E2, “The King of the Night” From the opening of Episode 1, “She Don’t Care,” Ultra City Smiths throws us into its world. Yes, there is a narrator (Tom Waits), but he doesn’t so much provide narrative framing and […] More