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  • Nicolas Winding Refn's Too Old to Die Young brings Tarot like The HIgh Priestess to life.

    The Hanged Man and The Priestess of Death: Too Old To Die Young Part 2

    Nicolas Winding Refn’s Too Old to Die Young brings to life hard-core violence in beautiful stylistic fashion. The characters feel more like Jungian archetypical stereotypes than actual human beings and the world is a dark bleak place where vigilantism is the only true justice left. In my last piece I looked at the first five parts […] More

  • Los Angeles homicide detective turned vigialante killer Martin Jones (Miles Teller) is at the center of new crime drama Too Old to Die Young.

    Too Old To Die Young: The Devil, The Hermit, and The Fool

    Nicolas Winding Refn (Drive, Only God Forgives) has been causing controversy with his work for nearly a quarter century. Throughout his career, he’s been accused of everything from being a sociopath with a fixation on violence to outright hating women. If anything, his films are just a reflection of the disturbing world we live in […] More

  • Alice Braga sits on a couch dressed in white

    A Conversation With Queen of the South’s Alice Braga

    Alice Braga, star of USA’s number 1 hit television series Queen of the South may be new to the world of gangland tv, but she’s been acting in films since she was 19. Braga has done everything from Brazilian sociopolitical independents like City of God and Lower City to huge mega Hollywood genre blockbusters like I Am Legend and Predators. Just starting its […] More

  • Netflix's Black Mirror released the trailer for the upcoming season 5.
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    Netflix’s Black Mirror Returns With Season 5 Trailer

    Black Mirror has firmly established itself as The Twilight Zone of the digital age. Creator Charlie Brooker’s anthology series captures all of the fears and anxieties of living in a technologically-dependent world.  Over the course of four seasons the series has covered everything from love to death through a post-social media lens. Each episode tells a standalone story […] More

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    Winter Is Finally Here: My Top Ten Favorite Game of Thrones Moments

    Favorites takes a lighter approach to the material we normally cover. Each week, we will take you through a list of favorites—whether it’s moments, scenes, episodes, characters, lines of dialogue, whatever!—in bite-sized articles perfect for your lunch break, a dull commute, or anywhere you need to take a Moment of Zen. So, sit back and […] More

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    Sex, Drugs, and Vampires: True Blood’s Perfect Pilot

    “Strange Love,” the pilot episode of HBO’s smash gothic vampire romance series True Blood, premiered way back in September of 2008. The Bush/Cheney presidency was in its last gasps, the global economy was on the brink of collapse, the U.S. and its allies were bogged down in two seemingly endless wars in the Middle East, […] More

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    Welcome to Yesterday: Thoughts on Russian Doll, Part 2

    (This is part 2 of my coverage of the series. Hopefully, you will read part one before diving in. This article does contain spoilers but do not worry there is still plenty of mystery to unpack all on your own. Enjoy!) Netflix’s Russian Doll has quickly become one of the most talked about shows of 2019 […] More

  • Nadia in a matroshka image in a promo for Russian Doll on Netflix

    Stuck in a Moment You Can’t Get Out Of: Thoughts on Russian Doll, Part 1

    Stop me if you have heard this one before. An individual awakens one morning to find that it is not the promised tomorrow, but rather they are starting the exact same day they just completed all over again as if some higher authority has hit a reset button somewhere in the universe. The character soon […] More

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    Amazon announces new Robert Kirkman animated series Invincible

    Fans of animation and comic books can collectively rejoice at the announcement of Robert Kirkman (creator of The Walking Dead)’s  upcoming series Invincible. The series is set to air on Amazon Prime and boasts a very strong cast that includes Kirkman alumnus Steven Yeun and Oscar Winner J.K. Simmons leading the pack. One has to imagine that Amazon […] More

  • Four stand in a row dirty in The Lost Boys

    I Still Believe: CW Orders Pilot for Lost Boys Series

    Joel Schumacher’s The Lost Boys was an absolute smash of a film upon its release in 1987 and has only amassed an even larger legion of fans in the decades since. From its soundtrack featuring such icons of the era as Echo and the Bunnymen and INXS, the casting of Corey Feldman and Corey Haim […] More