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  • Caleb sits on a girder in the air next to a droid

    On the Existential Dread of the Collapse of HBO Max

    It’s been several months now since we started getting news of the fallout of the merger between Warner Bros. and Discovery, and its effects on HBO Max, which had (stunningly) begun to establish itself as something of the preeminent streaming service, to rival the traditional prestige of HBO the cable channel. Immediately all of that […] More

  • Buffy addresses a group of Potential Slayers.

    We Need to Talk About Joss Whedon

    Trigger Warning: this article makes reference to abuse, rape, FGM, misogyny, homophobia, and racism. For some time now, it’s been known that Joss Whedon is an extremely problematic figure in the film and television industry. There’s even an entire blog dedicated to pointing out instances either in real life or in his shows and films […] More

  • Sycamores surround a pool of black goo in Twin Peaks

    Black Goo: The Stuff of Dreams

    There is an entity that appears in our favorite science fiction, fantasy, and horror stories—a living substance that elicits both disgust and excitement in the human imagination. It’s related to the bad black barf and black blood TV tropes, but while those examples are relatively inert and formless, ‘black goo’ refers to a class of […] More

  • A collage of characters from Damon Lindelof's TV shows. Sister Night & Jack from Lost in the corners, Kevin and Nora dancing in the center.
    in ,

    The Decade of Damon Lindelof

    There’s something very fitting about this decade being bookended by shows Damon Lindelof was at the helm of. In January of 2010, television fans were abuzz about long-time ABC hit Lost coming to an end. As 2019 comes to a close, Watchmen, Lindelof’s third hit series to air in the past 10 years, is the […] More

  • Entering a time portal

    Time Travel in Dark: Back to the Past

    Time travel is all the rage lately. It’s been used in everything from the latest series of Twin Peaks to Avengers: Endgame (spoilers ahead for both of those…you’ve been warned). The Netflix TV show Dark has many good qualities but what impressed me most was the way it utilised time travel. It manages to do […] More

  • A remote control points at a screen with the Canadian flag on it

    The Surprising Quality of Canadian Comedy: A Primer for Americans

    One of my favourite exchanges from The West Wing is a typically Aaron Sorkin back-and-forth between Amy Gardner and one Donatella Moss, who’s just been informed she was actually born in Canada, and was therefore endowed with certain inalienable rights. “Canadian, huh?” Amy asks. “Yeah,” Donna responds. “You feel funnier?” “No, but I am developing […] More

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