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  • Kendall stares at the sea, defeated

    Succession Series Finale Breakdown: Family

    The Succession series finale is now in the books. I haven’t seen any social media reactions as of this writing, but “With Open Eyes” was a tough watch. It’s depressing. It’s true to life and to the characters. This series was a tragedy more than a drama or even a comedy, and like any tragedy, […] More

  • Sam rides a bicycle in Somebody Somewhere S2E6, "Manhappiness"

    Somebody Somewhere S2E6 Recap: “Manhappiness”

    The following recap contains spoilers for Somebody Somewhere S2E6, “Manhappiness” (written by Lisa Kron and directed by Lennon Parham) “Manhappiness” shows us the fallout of the end of last week’s episode of Somebody Somewhere. Sam (Bridget Everett) isn’t talking to Joel (Jeff Hiller), and while it’s not clear exactly how long it’s been in narrative […] More

  • Candy, Pat, and legal team walk the hall

    Love & Death Episode 7 Recap: “Ssssshh”

    The following recap contains spoilers for Love & Death Episode 7, “Ssssshh” (written by David E. Kelley, James Atkinson & John Bloom, and directed by Lesli Linka Glatter) We reached the final episode of Love & Death, which concluded the trial of Candy Montgomery. I went into this show knowing what the outcome would be. […] More

  • Hunt and his lawyer walk out of the courthouse, confronted by reporters.

    White House Plumbers S1E4 Recap: “The Writer’s Wife” — Third-Rate Burglars

    The following recap contains spoilers for White House Plumbers S1E4, “The Writer’s Wife” (directed by David Mandel and written by Alex Gregory & Peter Huyck).  While White House Plumbers retains a lot of the ridiculous comedy that has punctuated the series so far, “The Writer’s Wife” is definitely a bit more serious in tone as the walls begin closing in on the Plumbers […] More

  • The Roy siblings and Willa at the service for their dad

    Succession S4E9 Breakdown: He Broke Your Heart Too

    The penultimate episode of Succession is in the books. The promise made in the beginning of the series—that one of the Roy siblings would replace their father—is where we’re at here at the end of the series. Succession S4E9, titled “Church and State,” saw us likely say goodbye to many, possibly shed a few tears, […] More

  • Sam stands in front of a rack of suits

    Somebody Somewhere S2E5 Recap: “NMB NMP”

    The following recap contains spoilers for Somebody Somewhere S2E5, “NMB NMP” (written by Rachel Axler and directed by Lennon Parham) “NMB NMP” ends with Sam (Bridget Everett), glum and alone, eating eggs from a takeout container at her kitchen table. I’d imagine some might argue that she takes the events of the episode too seriously, […] More

  • Sally makes a call from the airport

    Barry S4E7 Breakdown: Endgame

    Barry’s penultimate episode was one of the series finest. Hysterical yet full of drama, action and twists and turns, all of which have become hallmarks of the show. It’s astonishing how much Bill Hader and team packs into 30 minutes. A tightly compacted story that is still funny in ways unlike any other show on […] More

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