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  • Kendrick Lamar in the The Heart Pt. 5 video
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    Top 10 Songs of 2022

    Following up my top 10 albums of the year list, it’s perhaps easier to single out the best individual songs of the year, as one doesn’t have to weigh entire tracklists against each other. Each of the songs on this list had just a few minutes to, in a single stroke, explore the emotions and […] More

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    A Deep Dive Into “The 1975” *

    A few months back, I wrote a piece about My Chemical Romance, a band I was fanatically into at various points in my adolescence. I’m fairly sure I did call them the band of my teenage years when I look back. Well, I lied. I wish MCR were the band of my teenage years, because […] More

  • Antonio Inoki leans over the ropes for a bouquet of flowers

    Antonio Inoki: Rest in Peace

    Antonio Inoki, one of the most important figures in the history of professional wrestling, has passed away at the age of 79 on October 1st, 2022. The sport has sadly lost one of its true icons. Born in 1943, Inoki came under the tutelage of the legendary Rikidōzan and trained in the dojo with Karl […] More

  • The Rockers and the Hart Foundation in the ring

    The 5 Best WWE Tag Teams of the Hulkamania Era

    The Hulkamania era of WWE was as much of a great period for tag team wrestling as its much-vaunted counterpart over at Jim Crockett Promotions for the NWA. The 1980s was a hotbed of tag team wrestling, and while Crockett in the latter half of the decade had The Road Warriors, The Rock ‘n’ Roll […] More

  • Saturday Night's Main Event logo

    Looking Back at the First Saturday Night’s Main Event

    1985 was a key year in Vince McMahon’s expansion of the WWF into the global Sports Entertainment behemoth it would soon after become. Not only did 1985 give us the first WrestleMania, a complete game changer in itself, but May 11th, 1985, brought us the very first episode of Saturday Night’s Main Event. A much-beloved show that, […] More

  • A T-Shirt reads Effy's Big Gay Brunch

    Effy’s Big Gay Brunch 5: A Place For Wrestling Lovers

    Disclaimer: My partner Maegan Rivera of Mama Rivera’s Catering was the caterer for the brunch portion of Effy’s Big Gay Bruch 5. Our relationship has no effect on the deliciousness of the food produced, which can be corroborated by many brunch consumers including Effy themself.  Effy’s Big Gay Brunch (EBGB) is a tradition unlike any […] More

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    10 Fathers & Sons Who Won The Same Championship Belts

    There is a lot of pressure on second-generation wrestlers. Just look at those who failed immensely to follow in the footsteps of their fathers: David Sammartino, Erik Watts, and Manu are just some of the examples of this trend. There are those however that managed to match their fathers, at least in the field of […] More

  • Rick Rude stands in the ring

    5 WCW Stars Who Should Have Been World Heavyweight Champion

    WCW had many exceptional world heavyweight champions during its time, including the likes of Ric Flair, Sting, Vader, Randy Savage, Bret Hart and Booker T, and some unexceptional too, with some surprising names failing to live up to their talent (Lex Luger’s 1991-1992 title run was drab; DDP’s runs were short and poorly booked). But […] More

  • WrestleWar '89 logo

    WrestleWar ‘89: Ending The Steamboat/Flair Trilogy

    By WrestleWar ’89, WCW was going through some changes. The show would see the third of the classic encounters between Ricky Steamboat and Ric Flair whilst the company as a whole was attempting to adapt by pushing newer and bigger stars. This show in particular shows the oddity that was WCW in 1989, with dwindling […] More

  • The Beatles in black and white, as young men

    The Beatles’s “Taxman”: A Lyrical Over-Analysis

    When you are told to picture The Beatles, the likely chance is that you think of their simple, catchy love songs, which is to do a disservice to the band’s latter work in expanding and diversifying the musical scene then, now, and forever. All of this without getting political…well, almost. One song that sticks out […] More

  • Two wrestlers in the ring with the words The Battle of New Orleans Continues After this time out!

    Remembering the UWF Battle of New Orleans

    The phrase ‘Battle of New Orleans’ means different things to different people. To the majority, I’m sure, it refers to a famous military encounter between the British and United States armies on January 8th, 1815. To others, there was an even more violent event: the UWF Battle of New Orleans! I’m being facetious, of course […] More

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