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The TV Obsessive Podcast Episode 46: News, Notes & Sugar Episode 4

Sugar looking downwards, distraught
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This week, on The TV Obsessive Podcast, Caemeron and Ryan dig into Sugar S1E4, “Starry-Eyed.” But first, in the news:

We discuss the video the New York Knicks made for LeBron James in 2010, which has recently been unearthed by Pablo Torre, and SNL pulling off a good episode with host Ryan Gosling.

A TMZ article on a phone with the headline Siegel Scandal: Bad Boy in a Corner
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On Sugar Episode 4, “Starry-Eyed”

Sugar finally visits Dr. Vickers on Ruby’s suggestion, and after they discuss The Thing, Dr. Vickers tells him he may be fine physically, but not mentally.

Davy and Kenny think they have information on Sugar from his mother out in Arizona, but she and Sugar planned all this in advance and she was instructed on what to tell them.

Sugar looks for more information on the nefarious Stallings, and he reaches out to Ruby for help. She doesn’t give him much, although we know she was deleting files on him in the last episode, and is clearly hiding something.

Melanie meets back up with Sugar and tells him a story she remembers about a heated conversation Olivia had with another woman. The two track her down and it turns out to be Taylor, an aspiring actress who Davy was trying to sexually blackmail. The Siegel family tried to shut her up with money but she refused. Taylor contacted Olivia about it and Olivia confirmed she knew Davy had a history of that behavior.

After learning this, Sugar wants to speak to the grandfather Jonathan Siegel, so Jonathan invites Sugar to a movie screening of The Winds of Change, starring Siegel’s former wife, Lorraine Everly.

While there, Sugar admits to Bernie Siegel he knows Davy’s secrets, Sugar sees Bernie and Melanie arguing, and at the end of the screening during a Q&A, the news leaks of Davy’s history, causing Jonathan to have a heart attack.

The episode ends with Stallings calling Davy and threatening him. Stallings gathers his men (to do something?) and we also see he has Olivia’s jewelry and a door locked from the outside with a padlock.

  • What is the connection between the Siegels and Stallings?
  • Thoughts about The Thing
  • Sugar’s visit to Dr. Vickers

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