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    2023 in Music: The 23 Best Songs of the Year

    We’ve already been through the entirely objective list of the best albums of 2023 but there’s something all the most special about those individual songs which exist as perfectly formed three or four (or sometimes longer) musical experiences, telling whole stories, encapsulating the most nuanced and intense of emotions, and exploding across our senses in what […] More

  • Leo looks at someone, with a Christmas tree in the background

    Sorkin Around the Christmas Tree: The Holiday Episodes

    On the one hand, Favourites pieces are supposed to be on the shorter side, where you’re supposed to write a brief blurb for each thing you’re writing about. But we’re talking Aaron Sorkin here. There is no way to properly kvell, even just a bit, about his shows, let alone his holiday shows, and keep […] More

  • Javelin, the new album by Sufjan Stevens. Image courtesy of Asthmatic Kitty
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    2023 in Music: The 23 Best Albums of the Year

    So, was this a good or a bad year for music? Every year as I start writing these lists, I hate answering that question. My attitude has always been that if you thought any year was a bad year for music then you just weren’t looking in the right places. The best year for music […] More

  • Mark and Milchick dance around the office in Severance

    The Best Weird Parties in the History of TV

    We might not all agree about what makes for a good party in real life. Is it the music? The food and drink? The fun party people in attendance? Or, it’s probably some mix of all of those, if we’re honest. And if you’re me, you might frankly prefer a mellow gathering of friends engaged […] More

  • Nat and Travis near the downed plane in Yellowjackets
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    Favorite Uses of Music in Yellowjackets Season 1

    I love everything about Yellowjackets: the mysteries that resonate across temporal distance, the characters, the cannibalism… And, of course, the music. Season 1 brought us so many solid uses of music I could hardly list them all (though here’s a site that does). Also, to be clear here, I’m not saying I like all of […] More

  • JTT with his hair parted in the middle

    Favorite Teen Heartthrob Hairdos of Yesteryear

    Being a kid in the 1990s was a unique experience. No Twitter. No Facebook. I wasn’t walking around with a tiny computer in my pocket—an endless stream of knowledge and pointless distraction at my fingertips. My connection to the outside world was reliant on three things: my parents, my friends, and that beautiful box in […] More

  • FKA Twigs slays on the cover of her Caprisongs mixtape, showing off her hoop earrings, septum piercing and fur hat against a twilight background
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    Top 10 Albums of 2022

    Insofar as my musical experiences of the last 12 months will be remembered, 2022 was the year that artists I’d been trying to get into finally clicked. Artists like The Weeknd, Earl Sweatshirt and FKA Twigs took the first months of the year to take the reins and each released their best works. They were […] More

  • Kendrick Lamar in the The Heart Pt. 5 video
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    Top 10 Songs of 2022

    Following up my top 10 albums of the year list, it’s perhaps easier to single out the best individual songs of the year, as one doesn’t have to weigh entire tracklists against each other. Each of the songs on this list had just a few minutes to, in a single stroke, explore the emotions and […] More

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